AISEC Alumni to Empower Students with Computers


Ugo Aliogo

The President, AISEC Alumni Nigeria, Brenda Nwagwu has expressed the organisation’s desire to give out computers, coding softwares and computer devices with digital libraries, stressing that the computer devices would help improve the reading culture in the country.

She disclosed this in Lagos at the 2018 AISEC Alumni Africa Middle East Regional Congress with the theme ‘Positioning for Global Impact – Leadership and Economic Synergy in a Transforming World’, organised by the AISEC Alumni Nigeria.

This she said would help them to do things innovatively, while learning how to carry out coding in the computer and building a strong reading culture. “This will help them to create wealth that is our desire.

“We will empower 250 youths within the first two years. We want to create an impact in our society where we either train people or develop people. We want to start a project with our student body where we tell stories to young people about those individuals who have succeeded in the Nigerian society despite great odds.”

Nwagwu added that the stories of those individuals would encourage the children that whatever their situations are, they can rise above them.

She explained that AISEC is a leadership organisation focused on developing youths from school, adding that it is a university based organisation; therefore she maintained that the concern is getting its objectives and focus right.

In his remarks, the President Executive of the Board of AISEC Africa, Oumar Sylla, said AISEC has come way a long way from its humble beginnings in seven countries in 1948 to 128 countries as at 2018.

He said in the last 70 years, the organisation has been at the forefront of unlocking leadership potential of one person at a time aimed at creating positive change in the society and the world as a whole through experiential learning, worldwide volunteer experience and professional internship.

Sylla explained that the group is determined to use the tool of thought leadership to groom youth leaders for creating a new Africa, adding that there is need to optimally harness the vast manpower and mineral resource in the continent, “while implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals from the grassroots to the top.”

He added that the regional congress gave birth to the adoption of the ‘inspire, engage and influence’ framework held at the last congress in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.