Swift Network Targets 2m Nigerians with Free WiFi Connectivity

Emma Okonji and Reheem Akingbolu

Determined to empower Nigerians with Internet access, and give them the opportunity to have digital lifestyles, especially students, school graduates, the unemployed and low income earners, Swift Network has launched a digital initiative that will provide Nigerians with free Wi Fi connectivity.

According to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the plan is to empower two million Nigerians in the next six months, with free internet access that comes with one gigabyte of data on a daily basis.

Swift Networks plans to deploy 10,000 hotspots in designated locations in Lagos alone with a target that at least 200 people could gain access to the hotspots in a day, bringing the total target of two million people daily that will have access to free internet, provided they are within the hotspots location.

Announcing the initiative in Lagos this week, the Chief Executive Officer of Swift Network, Mr. Charles Anudu, said the company has already deployed 500 hotspots, from the targeted 10,000 in Lagos alone, adding that after having full coverage of Lagos, it will expand the initiative to other parts of the country.

The service, Red Cheetah app, is a new brand under the stable of Swift Networks that will start with an initial 10,000 hotspots distributed all over the state, supported by advertising revenues from leading global brands and partners. Red Cheetah is expected to help deepen Nigeria’s broadband penetration and aspiration for universal internet access for greater social equity and inclusion.

“The Red Cheetah service model once more follows in SWIFT’s tradition of demystifying and making technology to work for Nigerians so that they can hook up to the digital world to explore, work and entertain more efficiently,” Anudu said.

The security of every user’s access is enhanced by the Red Cheetah App which establishes a distinct and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the internet for each device on the platform. I strongly believe that this dogged work of over two years is the ideal model that will empower Nigerians to live their most productive lifestyles in a digital world. I am extra proud that everything about Red Cheetah is Nigerian and shows what we can achieve when we commit to solving the problems of our society taking our context into consideration,” Anudu added.
On his part, the Chief Operating Officer of Swift Networks, Mr. Chukwuma Okoye, said: “Our plan is to roll out an initial 10,000 Red Cheetah hotspots in Lagos which will be the largest Wi-Fi footprint of its kind anywhere in Africa and will cover many verticals including schools, airports, buses, taxis, shopping malls, bars, clubs, restaurants, open markets, hospitals and in fact any place where Nigerians need to research, catch up on work and play. This revolutionary service powered by Swift Networks, is fast, secure, reliable and supported by legendary sponsor brands with strong commitment to corporate social responsibility to Nigeria.”

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