FUG Pensions Organises Leadership Skill Lecture for University Students


Future Glanvils Pension Managers, Ltd (FUG Pensions) recently extended its social responsibility initiatives to university students through a youth enlightenment and empowerment lecture organised for university students tagged Life Beyond Campus lecture.

The lecture, recently delivered to students of Convenant University with a focus on Life and Career Skills Development was centered on leadership effectiveness skills, communication skills, creativity & innovation and, financial literacy skills.

The lecture, which was described by the participants as a life-changing experience attracted some of Nigeria’s highly revered Thought Leaders and Mentors in various works of life who came together to share some of their business/life ideas and skills with the final year students of the institution.

FUG Pensions, shortly before this, also extended its CRS to the Down Syndrome Foundation students through the sponsorship of its Inter-House Sports Competition.
The sporting event which took place in the Sporting Ground of Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos, is one of the four cardinal programs put together by the Down Syndrome Foundation for social integration of children with special needs in the society.

FUG Pensions, a major sponsor of the event said it has been aligning itself with the Foundation for years in ensuring that the children are assisted in pursuit of their education, while at same time make them feel a sense of belonging among their peers in the society, thereby participating in all the activities of the foundation.

Speaking as the Father of the Day at the event, the Managing Director, FUG Pensions, Mr. Usman Suleiman, said his PFA partnered with the Foundation to see how his firm could assist the Down Syndrome Foundation children, not only in their education, but also in extra-curricular activities, such as the inter-sports competition.

While imploring the participants (children of the Down Syndrome Foundation), to see the event as expression of themselves, he urged them, in the spirit of competition, to be dedicated to this course, as it would make them mentally alert and put them in good physical shape, like other participants in sports.

He said: “Sport is about putting the body in the right physical shape and these children, because of the genetic problem they have, which is physical, participating in sport, would not only assist them to be physically healthy, but psychologically, they become involved and feel accepted. They become optimistic about life and forget the health issues that they have.”
FUG Pensions sees this as a worth-while cause and we will continue to support similar initiatives aimed at assisting the less privileged, the disabled, the disadvantaged and the weak ones in the society”.

Speaking to our correspondent, the National President, Down Syndrome Foundation, Nigeria, Mrs. Rose Mordi, said the competition forms part of the social intervention programme put in place for children of the foundation, aimed at integrating them into the society.

According to her, the children have a medical condition in them called Down syndrome, which is an intellectual disability and because of that, are highly stigmatized and neglected. She said the foundation runs four segments of intervention programs aimed at integrating them into the society.
“We run four programs in the foundation. The first one is early medical intervention, where medical conditions they have are addressed, and the second one is early education programme, where we teach them how to read and write.

The third is social integration which is the sport competition is part of it. We get them integrated; we get them to socialize with their colleagues in other schools so that they can enjoy themselves and then exercise.

The forth one is an advocacy programme where we make them to stand up and demand for their rights,” she pointed out. FUG Pensions has consistently given support to the foundation through the social integration programs. We appreciate their support and look forward to them extending their support to early medical intervention.

Licensed by the National Pension Commission (PenCom) in 2007, as pension funds administrator, FUG Pensions is one of the frontline PFAs with over N52billion pension fund Assets under its management subscribed by about 115,000 Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) holders and retirees.