Mother of all Weddings…Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s Daughter, Damilola , Marries Bola Shagaya’s Son, Oluwaseun


There is unprecedented thrill in high society. Nigeria’s circle of the rich and famous is agog like medieval Rome in the throes of Caesar’s wedding party. News of an epic wedding courses through the social arena like a comet garnishing New Year’s Eve with flakes of gold. Next Month, March 15th and 17th, Damilola, the beautiful daughter of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is set to marry Oluwaseun, the handsome son billionaire businesswoman, Hajia Bola Shagaya, in grand style.

Thus as you read, there is excitement in the house of the Osinbajos and palpable exhilaration amongst the high-society. The prospect of Damilola Osinbajo’s wedding to Oluwaseun Bakare is delicious, like the luscious little apples that grow in the orchards of Winesburg. And promises to be the mother of all weddings.

It is a marriage made in heaven and signed to be actualised on earth, according to friends and families of the couple. Besides the apparent love and unwavering loyalty of the duo to each other, friends and family enthuse that there couldn’t be a greater match of equals and beloveds; from the moment Damilola’s courtship began by her beau, Oluwaseun, families and friends of the duo embarked on fervent prayers, hoping that their attraction and love withstand the test of time.

The details are both in the telling and the seeing in respect of Seun and Dami’s budding love; the magnetism that binds them resonates very loudly and exhilaratingly, arousing feelings of envy and desire among friends and family, wishing that they are blessed with something similar.

They have a lot working for them; both their parents are filthy rich and eager to fulfil their ultimate yearnings and they are equally blessed with towering grace, humility and desire to unite in a lifetime of love and commitment. Oluwaseun who was born a muslim has turned Christian and he attends Redeemed Christian Church, where his lover, Damilola’s father is a pastor. Oluwaseun works with Forte Oil and Gas. Thus as the wedding bells toll for the couple, their families are planning to spare no expense in giving them the treat of a grand wedding celebration.