It’s an established fact that if organising high society parties with the right mix of guests, gourmet food and endless exotic champagnes and cognacs known to connoisseurs were art, you may jolly well call billionaire businessman, Chief Olu Okeowo, the Michelangelo. And if that skill were classical music, please, call him Mozart.

The money man knows how to deploy his vast wealth to serenade and stun those close to him. However, for his brother and friend, Otunba Niyi Adebayo’s 60th, Olu had more than enough reasons to throw the gates of his sprawling mansion in Parkview, Ikoyi, Lagos, open to fete a friend in whom he is well pleased. Predictably, expensive food and drink was surplus at the event and the music offering was timeless. The crowd was select and classy.

The ambience was celestial in its gold draperies. Typical of Olu’s predilection for grand celebrations, gourmet meals, and champagnes and cognacs and canapés flowed like a river and nobody left until the drinks had thinned to a tributary. However, some days after, Olu threw a lavish party in his Ikoyi mansion for his son, Ibukun Okeowo, as he clocked 21 last weekend. Asides the assorted liquor, beer and fruit juices, the guests were also treated to delicious meals and dessert that sufficiently wet their palates and sated them. At the background, a soulful medley of contemporary music wafted from well-appointed woofers causing the guests to sway, shuffle and waltz as much as the music moved them and transported them to euphoric cusps. Ibukun was more than glad that night.