‘Christians Should go for Political Leadership to Save Nigeria’


Rising from an emergency meeting, Koinonia Ministerial Network (Komnet) has called on Christians to go for political leadership of the country in order to correct the ills besetting Nigeria.

They decried killings of innocent Nigerians, particularly Christians in the north and other parts of the country and charged the federal government to check such waste of human lives.

In a communique signed by the its international President,  Apostle Tony Olukoyede and its National Secretary, Pastor Simon Okpanachi, the Christian body noted that there were too many ills bedeviling the country and called for prayers.

The communique read in parts:

 “That the leadership and members of KOMNET condemned the brutal and incessant killings of innocent Nigerians particularly Christians in the North and other parts of Nigeria. 

“That our hearts go out to the bereaved families of those who lost their lives, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort them all. 

“The fellowship observed that the too many evils bedeviling our country such as insecurity, kidnapping, killings, fuel scarcity, lack of electricity supply and many more are clear indication of failure of government at all levels in Nigeria. In view of this, therefore, the fellowship advised all Christian leaders to mobilise their followers to take active part in politics by joining any political party of their choice and registering as card carrying members of such parties. Also, it is important for Christian leaders to encourage their followers who are eighteen (18yrs) old and above to get their INEC voters card particularly now that the 2019 elections are around the corner and INEC is moving from Ward to Ward registering prospective voters. 

“That all Christians in Nigeria should truly stop forth with eating of cow meat (Beef) for these two reasons: a) This is in protest of the fact that the Fulani herdsmen value the life of a cow than that of a human being which is the reason behind their killing people when they lose one of their cows. 2) This is also in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who were murdered in cold blood by Fulani herdsmen because of cattle in several parts of Nigeria. 

“That we reject any attempt by government to Islamise Nigeria but we advise the Federal Government of Nigeria to respect the Nigerian Constitution which recognises Nigeria as a secular state. 

“That we appeal to the Federal Government to call the killer Fulani herdsmen to order to avoid turning our beloved nation into a battle field. 

“We the members and leaders of Koinonia Ministerial Network (fellowship of Apostolic Leaders) have decided to boycott the consumption of cow meat in Nigeria till further notice as a solidarity to the good people of Benue State in Nigeria whose sons, daughters and parents were murdered by the herdsmen in the most dehumanizing way ever imagined. 

We urge all levels and organs of Government of this nation to rise up to their constitutional responsibility of protecting the lives of all citizens of this country irrespective of tribe and religion”, they concluded.