Former Fidelity Bank’s MD, Reginald Ihejiahi, Bounces Back


About five years ago, the Grim Reaper visited the home of Reginald Ugomba Ihejiahi, the former MD of Fidelity bank, and left with his beloved wife, Ugochi Rosaline, a Consultant Paediatrician.

She died after a protracted battle with cancer. If money were enough, he could have mustered the whole world to save her and fulfill his vows that they would grow grey together but death had other tragic plans. Of course, it was hard for him, like it would for anyone else who loses a loved one especially one of the hue of the adorable wife, to accept that they would never see again or look into the loving eyes of each other as they have for the past almost two decades. The anger that he was helpless as his beloved suffered untold agony in her twilight days and all his wealth couldn’t salvage her dovetailed into understandable depression. But time heals all wounds.

Gradually, the former MD has come to accept the reality of his wife’s death as the permanent reality. While the cold, lonely nights subsist, Reginald’s days are becoming interspersed with moments, no matter how brief, when he gives in to some form of gaiety.

Life has to go on. Life is indeed going on well for Reginald. He is no longer moping and moaning years after the demise of Ugochi, and though it is hard to obliterate the memories of his late wife completely from memory, the top banker is bouncing back into full vitality, leaping and spinning when necessary. Right now, Reginald is being bombarded right, left and centre by ladies who want to fill Ugochi’s slot. For now, he is just happy, playing the dependable Daddy role to his children and holding true to the memories of his marriage.