GKS to Celebrate Christian Feast of Tabernacle In Grand Style


The celebration of the feast of tabernacle is an ordained annual programme by God for us as Christians all over the world according to the Holy Scriptures (Bible), to feed on the word of God for eight days”, the Station Minister, God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) Lagos, Bro. Timothy Esimagbele had said.

Exercising the Feast of Tabernacle celebration recently in Lagos, Esimagbele expressed that the feast according to the Holy Scriptures is a must for every Christian who want to be blessed by God. He added that Christians who fails to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacle will be punished by God.

He further narrated that, although the Feast of Tabernacle was first celebrated by the Jews to celebrate their historic journey from Egypt to Canaan, according to him, has created wrong impressions that Christians in other nations thought the Feast of Tabernacle is only limited to the Jews, not understanding that it has been mandated for all Christians in world by God.

“The celebration of the Christian feast of tabernacle. It’s an annual event instituted by God almighty since the days of Prophet Moses on their historic journey from the land of Egypt to Canaan. The command is that it should be celebrated for eight, the first day will be a sunbath and the last also a Sabbath day. The Jews were always celebrating. It came to a time God commanded that all living at the end time of the world should celebrate also follow the trend of celebration and that anyone who do not celebrate this feast will not be blessed.

“A lot of people have been condemning this feast, saying we are not Jews. But the Jews are the children of Abraham in flesh. The prophecy made by God Almighty through prophet Zachariah shows that the feast celebration is not limited to the Jewish nations alone that all nation of the world. Jesus Christ took active part in the celebration of the feast of tabernacle, as an example we are expected to follow” he said.

Bro. Esimagbele emphasized that the most important aspect of the Feast of Tabernacle is to feed on the word of God, diagnosing the Holy Scriptures for Christians to comprehend the orders of God.
Speaking on the same vein, Assistant Station Minster GKS Lagos, Bro. Isaac Enang, noted that most Christians are not aware of the Feast of Tabernacle or rather neglected the need, as he enjoined Christians to seek God’s favour by following His steps and feeding on the Holy Scriptures.

“Unfortunately, many Christians are not aware of this celebration and are disclaiming the fact that it’s meant for the Jews of old. The scriptures said all nations of the world not excluding anyone. Also, Jesus Christ celebrated this feast and we as his followers must follow his steps. This celebration will last for eight days and over 16 sermons will be taken within this period to fest on the word of God. This feast is a celebration ordained by God according to the Holy Scriptures that all nations should come together and celebrate. That those who celebrate this feast will get blessing from God, and those who refuse will be punished also according to the scriptures” he said.