Ijaw Youths Visit Gani Adams, Seek Collaborative Security Effort


Jonathan Eze

The hope of boosting security in Lagos and its environs emerged wednesday as members of the Ijaw Youth Council in their numbers stormed the Lagos home of the Aare Ona Kakanfo designate, Mr. Gani Adams, to seek collaboration on security.

Henry Oyobolo who spoke on behalf of the Ijaw youths while congratulating Adams over his recent proclamation as the Aare, said they were not surprised he emerged the choice for the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo.

Thanking Adams for the role he played during the last security hitch in Arepo, Ogun State, the youths said: “We want to collaborate with you in the area of security be it on the water and on the land.”

Further pledging their support, the Ijaw youths who have among them the Assistant Secretary world wide for Ijaw Youth Council, Ambassador Tony Oki and their Eastern, Western zones leaders said they want to be carried along in the scheme of things, especially in the area of security of lives and properties.

They described Adams as a fighter and warrior, adding that they are not surprised he is made the commander of the Yoruba nation security force.

“You are a leader of vision, we want to partner with you and also key into your restructuring agenda,” they said.
Thanking them for the visit, Gani Adams said the people of Ijaw had always been partners in progress.
He said the encouragement to form the Oodua Peoples Congress in August 25, 1994 came from an Ijaw man, the late Tony Ngurube.

Thanking them for the desire to collaborate with him in the security of the land, Adams said their partnership couldn’t have come at a better time even as he cautioned them not to encourage criminals in any way and flush such tendency out of their group.

“You should try as much as possible to discourage criminals to be part of struggles, so as to keep the integrity.
“The issue of restructuring you mentioned is very important and I’m happy you are talking along the same line because it is the only solution to keep our country united.

“We can’t afford to pursue any divisive agenda as it were because no African country is big enough to accommodate refugees from Nigeria should we have reason to seek shelter outside of here. That is why we will continue to pursue the agenda to keep Nigeria united.

“We must restructure along regional line so that all regions can develop at their own pace. Must we all go to Abuja to work when the regions can make such provision?” he asked.

Adams said if the last confab report does not interest the powers-that be, “then the 1960, 1963 constitutions are there to be adopted and make us live in a country where everybody can live in unity.”

He told the Ijaws to maintain a clamour for regions over state, adding that the state will still be there, but the region will be the coordinating structure.