Atiku Rejoins PDP, No Automatic Ticket for Him, Says Makarfi

Atiku Abubakar
  •  PDP, Ekweremadu welcome his return 
  • He sounds like a broken record, declares APC
  • PDP chairmanship post not for sale, warns Babangida

Iyobosa Uwugiaren and Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja   

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has finally ended the waiting game and rejoined the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), after quitting the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) more than a week ago.

The former vice-president made the announcement on Facebook where he also fielded questions from Nigerians.

He said the complaints he had with the PDP before he left the party under which he was vice-president from 1999-2007, had been resolved, thus laying the groundwork for his return.

But even as the former vice-president announced his return to the PDP, the Chairman of the National Caretaker Committee of the party, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, said there will be no automatic presidential ticket for any member of the party.

Makarfi, in his reply to THISDAY’s enquiries, said: “The presidential ticket will be open to all those who may wish to seek for it. No promise of a ticket was made to anybody and no such promise will be made.

“As a matter of fact, even Waziri Atiku Abubakar never asked for an automatic ticket.”

Makarfi, however, did not respond to enquiries on if he will throw his hat into the ring for the presidential ticket of the PDP.

Also reacting to Atiku’s return, the PDP and the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu described it as a welcome development not only for the party but the nation’s democracy.

However, the APC dismissed the news on Atiku’s return to the PDP, saying yesterday that the reasons given by the former vice-president for his defecting to the opposition party sounded too familiar to be taken seriously.

With the move by Abubakar, the stage is now set for his push to consolidate his base in PDP, where he is expected to contest for the presidential ticket ahead of the 2019 election.

While writing on his Facebook page yesterday, which signified the former vice-president’s intention to use the social media to reach out to Nigerians, especially the youths, Atiku said his decision to go back to the PDP followed consultations he had with party leaders and stakeholders from across the country.

He opened up by saying: “Hello, my name is Atiku Abubakar. I am speaking to you today on Facebook Live as I want to reach as many of our young people as possible, as I have an important announcement to make about the future of Nigeria.”

In justifying his decision to dump the APC, Atiku lamented the inability of the ruling party to attend to one of the cardinal needs of the youths which is the creation of more jobs to cater to the teaming unemployed persons roaming the streets of the country.

“The key to creating jobs is a strong economy and that is what we are currently lacking. So today I want to let you know that I am returning home to the PDP as the issues that led me to leave it have now been resolved and it is clear that the APC has let the Nigerian people, and especially our young people, down,” he said.

The former vice-president also criticised the APC-led administration for failing to fulfil the yearnings of the people to improve their living conditions.

“As it is you, our youths, who represent the future of our nation. I joined the APC as I had hoped it would be the new force that would help improve life for our people and I was excited about the party’s manifesto to create three million new jobs a year.

“The result has not been the change people had been promised or voted for, as in the last two years almost three million Nigerians have lost their jobs. And today, with a record 25 per cent of people aged 18-25 unemployed I can see how difficult it is for our youths to find jobs.

“I have found in my travels across the country that whenever I get into conversations with young people, their number one concern is whether they will be able to get a job, for without a job they have no means of sustaining themselves or begin a family. And without the security of a job, we cannot have security in our country. 

“So without jobs, there is no future for you or for Nigeria. And I also know as a parent that the older generation is also concerned about jobs for their children and, too often today, for themselves as well. Creating jobs is something I know about as I have created over 50,000 direct jobs and 250,000 indirect jobs in my own State of Adamawa. 

“And I also know how the government can help create the right environment for businesses to create jobs.  When I was vice-president in 1999, I was responsible for liberalising the telecoms sector which enabled us to increase the number of people who could access a phone from less than 1 million then to over 100 million today.

“This transformation resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs from the top-up card vendors you see on every street corner to the many new businesses that fed off the mobile phone revolution,” he said.

Atiku delved further into his decision to rejoin the PDP, reminding Nigerians that he was elected vice-president on the platform of the PDP, the political party he had helped to form some ten years before.

“And some of you may also know that I left the PDP four years ago when I believed it was no longer aligned to the principles of equity, democracy and social justice upon which we had founded it,” he recalled.

Atiku said that while it was apparent that the APC had let the Nigerian people and especially our young people down, the issue that led to his defection from the PDP has now been resolved.

He lamented that terrorism, militancy, kidnapping, and other forms of exuberance were symptoms of the disease of joblessness.

When asked about how he was going to fix the country, Atiku said that as a leader he would provide direction and bring in skilled people and inspire them to implement a roadmap to get to the destination he wants.

On the position expressed by the APC faithful that PDP will not be voted into power again, the former vice-president said what Nigerians need now is a political party that is not just national in outlook, but one which represents the national interest rather than regional sentiments.

“All I am saying is that we need a party that speaks to national sentiments, not regional ones. We need a party that can make all Nigerians one till we can boldly say that we are all brothers and sisters with only one mother, Nigeria,” he said.

Beyond his concerns about the high unemployment rate, Atiku during his interactive session with youths on Facebook also shared his feelings about alleged cases of inhuman treatment meted out to some Nigerians by the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

“We must set the minimum standards required for the treatment of Nigerians worldwide by the way we treat our people domestically. Our charity must begin at home.

“On this issue, I call on the Inspector General of Police as a concerned Nigerian to intervene, and I know that the Nigerian Police as a disciplined and well-organised force will take action to address this issue.

“It will go a long way to improving Nigeria’s rating in the global ranking of police forces next year because this year, they were wrongfully ranked as the worst,” he said.

However, the APC, in its reaction to Atiku’s reasons for moving to PDP said it sounded too familiar to be taken seriously.

The National Publicity Secretary of APC, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi said the party wished the former vice-president luck in his new place.

Speaking to THISDAY Sunday evening on the phone, Abdullahi said in the process of trying to justify his frequent movement in and out of parties, Atiku was beginning to contradict himself.

“Let me ask what reasons did he give for leaving the PDP when he left the party. Is he joining PDP now because they created jobs when they were in power? 

“The former vice-president does not need to give anybody any reason for leaving our party and joining the PDP. The more he tries to justify his movement, the more he makes statements or gives reasons that sound outrightly contradictory if not absurd. 

“So, it is within his democratic right to leave a party and to join any party that he wishes, he doesn’t need to justify it but by coming up with this long list of reasons and justifications, some people may just want to look back a bit and they would realise that these excuses and reasons sound very familiar,” he said.

Ekweremadu, on the other hand, described Atiku’s return to the PDP as a welcome development, not only for the party but the nation’s democracy.

 Ekweremadu said the move represented a massive vote of no confidence in the leadership capacity of the APC, first, by the masses and now by the cream of its hierarchy and founding members.

 He said: “The dumping of the APC by Alhaji Atiku is a welcome development for the PDP, but more importantly, Nigeria’s democracy.

“Nigeria is in dire need of a rescue mission to rekindle hope in our democracy, restore her on the path of prosperity, and halt the worsening divisiveness that threatens our corporate existence.  

“I, therefore, enjoin all former PDP faithful who left for various reasons as well as other progressive-minded Nigerians to emulate Alhaji Atiku to reunite under the umbrella to salvage the nation because I see a new and better Nigeria coming in 2019.

“I see a country where corruption will be eradicated, a nation that will be a pride to Africa and admiration of the international community, and a nation where no man will be oppressed, intimidated, persecuted or sidelined on account of ethnicity, religion or political persuasion. No amount of desperation will stop the will of God for Nigeria in 2019.”

Also welcoming him back, the PDP said it welcomed the return of the Former vice-president to the party.

In a statement issued last night by its spokesman, Dayo Adeyeye, the party expressed the hope that other former members of PDP who defected to APC would soon follow suit and join forces with the opposition party to deliver good governance to the people

“We are indeed glad that he has realised the unbridled lies/deceit of his former party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). The PDP remains his home; a house he was part of the building and which he helped to nurture. We believe his return will add value in the process of rebuilding our party to greater heights.

“This is another milestone recorded by the current leadership of our party in its quest to reconcile, rebuild and restructure the PDP ahead of the 2019 general election and beyond. We will continue to remain transparent and dedicated to the service of this party. 

“Again, we want to use this opportunity to call on all our members that are still in the APC or other parties to return home. We are equally extending our invitation to all those in the APC who are frustrated by the party’s failure to deliver the goods.

“Anyone who is desirous of a return to the era of abundance and freedom under the PDP administration is welcome. The umbrella is big enough to accommodate all.

“We enjoin our members nationwide to come together as one family, as we march to Eagle Square, Abuja on Saturday 9 – Sunday 10, December 2017 to elect our new leaders who will manage the affairs of our party at the National Level,” he said.


IBB: PDP Chair Not for Sale


Meanwhile, ahead of the national convention of the PDP, former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Badamoise Babangida, has raised the alarm over the huge monetisation of the convention that is likely to dictate who emerges as the national chairman of the party, warning that the PDP is not for sale.

“In the last few days, I get frightened by the monetary consideration that is likely to dictate who emerges as the national chairman of our great party, rather than what the people truly want,” Babangida stated in a press statement issued yesterday through his media adviser Prince Kassim Afegbua.

“The discussion is more on the side of heavy monetization of the process and ultimate procurement of the position of the chairman by the highest bidder. This approach, in my humble view, defeats the whole essence of participation, free choice and voting which are the essential attributes of any democracy without inducement and outright manipulation.”

The former military leader pleaded with the leaders of the party to tread on the path of caution and common sense, conscious of the recent history of avoidable political crises in the party.

He added that at 76, and given the benefit of hindsight, his role both in context and content, was now more of an advisory one to enhance any altruistic democratic process to elect credible leadership at various levels of representation.

He warned that monetising of the process and trying to “procure” party positions would defeat merit, offend good conscience and blur fair play, adding that de-monetising the electoral process to provide ample room for more citizens’ participation was what is required.

“At this critical stage of our political secretions, we need men of stature, discipline, character and commendable conduct to breathe fresh air into our party and not persons whose political relevance is the product of naira and kobo bargain across the counter. 

“We need a national chairman that would not bend to the vagaries of individual selfish interest but one who is strong enough to apply the rule of law without fear or favour.

“We must begin the process of interrogating processes that lead to outcomes and not just the outcomes. We must interrogate our leadership recruitment process and encourage our delegates to exercise the power of their thumbs in making their preferred choice among the candidates,” he further stated.

Continuing, he added: “A good name cannot be bought with gold or silver. A good name is the sum total of the individual’s conduct in his trajectory and his overall assessment through life’s enduring journey.

“On the strength of this, I wish to make a passionate appeal to our members, party leaders and the members of the convention committee to be fair and just to all, and allow the process to produce a national chairman that would truly represent the conscience of the party.

“I do subscribe to the idea that consensus building, collective bargaining and constructive engagement are some of the ingredients that nurture any democratic process; such ingredients should be given enough room to flourish in order to birth credible and truly representative leadership.”

On account of her recent history of factions and fractures, the former military president also advised the PDP to re-invent and re-enact itself, saying that the new leadership must be one that enjoys the confidence of the majority stakeholders and members in order to have a seamless transition.

To achieve this template, he said such a chairman must be the outcome of a delegates’ election without manipulation and inducement, adding that one would have thought that after the 2015 dismal outing, followed by months of leadership tussles, individuals would have put to rest their selfish and egocentric interests and pursue goals and objectives that bear true testimony to the ideals of the founding fathers.

Saying that the “sound bites of monetisation” of the process were utterly demoralising and benumbing, IBB noted that it was his strong belief that the leaders of the party, irrespective of their political interests, would allow reason and a level playing field to prevail in the overall interest of the party.

“In the countdown to the Saturday, December 9, 2017, convention of the Peoples Democratic Party, as founding fathers and stakeholders, we need to collectively assure Nigerians and our teeming members that we have indeed learnt our bitter lessons.

“Following the defeat of the party in the 2015 election, it is incumbent upon us as leaders and stakeholders to use the opportunity of the convention for sober reflection on the challenges confronting us, identify our flaws, and seek plausible ways to correct them in order to come out stronger in subsequent elections.

“An elective convention presents, as it were, a rare opportunity and veritable platform to elect in a holistic manner a credible, tested, down-to-earth and truly urbane candidate with enough stamina, distinguished character and national acceptability who is driven by incurable optimism and passion for a united Nigeria.

“At this point of our political history as a party, we need a national chairman who is driven by uncommon initiatives, creativity in ideas and a rich content of character to lead and stabilise the party in line with the laudable ideals of the founding fathers of the party,” he said.

He said that such an individual must possess national recognition to be able to galvanise political opportunities and transform them into tangible outcomes in our democratic engagements.

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  • Henry Austine Ugbomah

    The New Nigeria: Do not Plant the Evolution without them.
    All through the history of political and economic rebirths, be it the Capitalist, Marxist, Socialist, or Communism, the elites, and intellectuals have always in most instances provided the compelling argument for change, the dialectics that propels it, the pathway to resolving conflicts of interests, and the contradictions thereof, Nigeria is not an exception. The grasp of complex issues, research and development, the analytical introspections of the arts as major part of its philosophical underpinning and expressions , the tools of the social sciences as the connecting bridge, and the appropriate application of material Science as the pivot on which the new political economy oscillates are the domain of the intellectuals. Therefore, planting the evolution of new Nigeria without them is a mistake. The world would be curious to how we come to transformative political economy with our best minds sitting on the bench.

    Buhari,s instinct and body language tend to lead him to the intellectuals. A former elite soldier, upgraded his democratic credential through the electoral collage. Professor Tam David West in the President’s past helped plug the chronic bunkering problems. Today, the bright and pragmatic Osinbajo runs on all full cylinders. Our task therefore is to complete the definition of the Nigerian elites, define Buhari , in an attempt to larch his wagons to the intellectuals, create the synergy that could spark the crank that may create the simmering buzz of the new Nigeria we collectively seek.

    Buhari’s APC Political Orbit: All over the advanced world, Political parties, great presidents do not operate in ideological, and doctrinal void. There are ethics, principles, and values to which they adhere, the guiding light which attracts like minds to it. The absence is to operate a dysfunctional party, force-fitted with strange bedfellows, mission statement not adequately defined and understood, therefore inability to cross fertilize concrete ideological strategy on how to execute Education, Health, Agriculture, Housing and Enterprise etc promised to the people. In Nigeria, most party members gravitate towards political parties along tribe platforms, personalities, and selfish interest, not by the party principles and values. These entities owe allegiance to no body but themselves. They may well be appointed as party leaders, yet are dangerous political “space junkies”, circulating within the party orbit, believing their self-interests are that of the party. Sooner their interest collides with the party, they either factionalize the entity or elope into a different political space, pursuance of selfish interest. Some of them may be deep pockets, can buy political officials, and ancillary mechanism of a party, therefore emerge as it’s flagbearer. They lack political convictions, ethics , principle, and values. These character deficits, the irreducible minimum below which principled individuals cease to operate, shelf them in what the street calls, “Belle” First Politicians. They may have Eight years as governor, another eight years proxy of the presidency, a diddly-squat to show for it. Closely look, they have breast and back pocket loaded with cash, can buy a nation and a political process. They are the pin points of Oluwole Soyinka’s rhetoric “….burglars of our renaissance…” given Buhari and Osinbanjo leading the charge forreformative Nigeria.

    Nigerian Political Parties have not defined themselves in terms of values and principles. They are therefore, ghost in global ideological stratification of parties. The advanced economies do not know how to react to any of this parties in power. Are they conservatives, liberals, social democrats, Christian conservatives, Islamic, etc remain unanswered. The question also creates a dilemma for so many Nigerian intellectuals. They would rather remain at bay than party with strange bed fellows not united by common ideological believes. This account for some of the reasons tiny number of them are in government, card carrying party members, therefore shy away from their civic duty to vote.

    President Buhari is swinging and hitting the right targets-energy sufficiency in all its spectrum, interstate rail networks, anticorruption operations, cleaning oil spillages from the environment, initiating housing programs, tucks in loan provisions for small businesses. To all of these Nigerians say, “PMB we love you.”
    In his first coming as commander in chief, Buhari;
    – advanced prudence in deficit spending, debt reduction, and right sizing of government.
    -intent to balance the budget, therefore exhibiting the engrained DNA of a fiscal conservative.
    – Fiscal Restructure, this second time around is one of the canons of his party promise.
    -national defense, law and order, and the conservation of Nigeria as a unit are dear to him and the heart of his party.
    -Himself, his Vice president, and party members are mostly people of religious faith or the books, therefore believer in the circularity of the traditional Nigeria state.
    – They favors free market enterprise, individual responsibilities, and traditional values.
    Steeped in fiscal prudence, aspiration to balance the budget, free market enterprise, national defense , religion, law and order, we leap to make the charge, that Buhari Muhammad, his APC are the first conservative Party of Nigeria. They share the same conservative political orbits, not personal characteristics with Donald Trump Republican Party of USA, and Theresa May of UK. In political believes , Buhari is more of strict constructionist of the conservative persuasion. His disposition to transformative ideas-interstate rail networks, full energy spectrum, projects paid for, therefore, anti-deficit spending lead us to that conclusion. In execution, he plucks from Chinua Achebe’s Eneke the bird… have learn to shoot without missing, I have learned to fly without perching”. We reach this conclusion, despite distractions and noises from opposition, he kept pulling ahead with reformative projects. In statue he leans towards Nwalimu Julius Neyerere of Tanzania, though he is not quite there, he is barely new on the stage, both have integrity, candor and vision. The former is a capitalist the latter is not.

    The Nigerian Intellectuals: are the ones likely to elect Ngozi Iweala as president, competences are big deal for them, gender, tribe are not. They would elect Israeli, Ghanaian or Lebanese Nigerians as president if the law permits, and they have the courage to run for the office, presenting the compelling arguments. They share some of the sentiments of the believe system of the society that produced ex-President Sarkozy of France with a Hungarian Ancestry, ex-President Alberto Fujimori of Peru, her daughter Keiko Fujimori appointed first lady after he fell out with her mother. The daughter became the first lady and the leader of the political party, she almost won two attempts at the presidency of the country. Both father and daughter are of Japanese Ancestry.

    We must not fail to mention Nigeria intellectual dregs, the phlegm amongst them. The Wind vane or the Weather Cork elites. Political sycophants, they share same DNA with “Belle” First Politician. The likes of the Professor purported to have written the quit notice to the Ibos on behalf of the Northern Nigeria Youths are fine example. There are also some of them who imbibed bellyful of what the Christendom call Potiphar’s wine. Hand cuffed by the EFCC, he sits in his jail cage to his own shame, embarrassment, and the bewilderment of his intellectual peers. These demographics are looked upon as social lepers. They are the reporting point with which elites measure the credibility of any government, or corporate entity.

    Given the opportunity to appoint ministers, the Nigerian intellectual ministerial appointments are likely to be merit based, his budget allocation need driven. The North and South balance are likely immaterial to him. He firmly believes governments all over advanced nations do not create jobs, they create enabling conditions which makes it possible for the private sector to create Jobs. They believe if you lower the interest rate, genuine corporate actors would get the loan they deserve, employ more human capitals, to compete, retain or expand their market sphere.

    Their intellectual publications and research may encourage target spending. If for instance Nigerians are not getting the right amount of protein to the Dinner table, and the accessible proteins are Fish20%, chicken30%, Beef40%, and Plant products10%. If $10billion dollar are available to correct the problem, they would rather give the money to Central Bank who may be the custodian of the nation’s fiscal policy, in turn gives the money to Commercial banks at lower interest rate of say 2% on the strength of their respective deposits with CBN. The Commercial banks gives the loan at 2% to the real farmers who have historical account with them, therefore, the profitable collaterals to make the loan. The government splits the profit in 1:1 ratio with Commercial banks.

    Notice that the government has shifted the risk to expert lenders, avoided giving the loans to fake startups, non-farmer political party members, non-bankable feasibility studies, and rogue federal political commissions with some abstract acronyms, a chairman with some ghost borrowers, likely to elope with large sum, of which if we are a bit lucky, would be bogged down with cash and properties in London courts, a “pitiful surrender value”, leaving us scratching our head wondering we have been duped the second time by the Court and her exorbitant service fees.

    Notice the commercial banks would be prudent in loan disbursement, she has to. Her deposit with Central Bank is the underlying collateralized assets funding the loans to her customers. The transaction created income for the government, and the banks, therefore fortifies the banking system. The borrowing farms would open more farms, establish, Products and Produce Storage centers North, South, East, West, and create farms labors, marketing and distribution jobs along those quartets. The loans disbursement were data driven, the Academies data provided the specifics percentage protein shortages, and the loans went out in to the target farmers in that order.
    The new Nigeria should fund, or provide Grants to the Academies of The Letters, Engineering, Sciences, Pharmacies, Education. It is the home of the crème de la crème of Nigerian intellectuals. Their respective researches, publications, insights, and comments are crucial to development and nation building. In modern day paradigm shift, governance, economic management, the data of the Academies are vital to policy formulation, strategy and execution. Their publications prepare us in advance of pending and impending national problems. They are the ones likely to warn us 50 years ago, to either add Railway Engineering to Civil Engineering curriculum or produce outright future Rail Engineers. They help nominate their peers to be named after university faculties. They would observe we are building Cities absence of adequate kids playgrounds, and Parks, that down the road, educational and development psychology problems, the generation of kids with poor social skills would emerge. We shall consult the appropriate academy or sit them on the table when we negotiate contracts bordering on technological transfer. One of the ways we avoid repetition of our own Tower of Babel, the Ajaokuta Steel Plant, the monstrosity of past that mistakes.

    The Nigeria intellectuals would probably advise President to support and strengthen the car industry, create jobs through them. Order 20 thousand Cars, Bus, and Trucks. Make the down payments over the years. If the cost of 20,000 is $60 billion dollars, she makes a down payment of $1billion.Through Financial Grants, convey the Research and Development of the Motor Industries to the Nigeria Academy of Engineers. The company would place the $1billion ordered Automobiles below the market price on the Car Lots over the years. Then, slightly up the price of the Auto spare parts to recover the cost difference of the cars and truck spread over years. Liberal High Purchase and Pay To Own provisions through financial institutions would open the auto market to the working class. The idea can be replicated through in bilateral trade with neighboring countries.
    1. Notice that the industry had only $1 billion in her account, and $59 billion Purchase Order in her future.
    2. She would raise local loans on the strength of the equity on $60 billion Purchasing Order the government gave her.
    3. Raise IPO in international fora. A successful IPO signals the industry is out of the woods, now has stream of reliable sources of steady finance.
    4. Begins to create jobs on the strength of the cash on hand.
    5. Can afford to buy the outcome of the Research and Developments of the Nigeria Academy of Engineers, and compete for international market share.
    6. Given the above, government now begins the strategic disengagement of it’s $1billion funds with profit sales if she so desire. She did not pay the $60billion dollar, but provided the industry the bridge to steady finance. They created good paying jobs, and now linked with intellectual capital of the Academies.

    We must note that the global auto industry is in transitioning to electrical battery system. The element Cobalt is in the center of this transition. Studies suggests 42% of the global deposit of the limited element are in use as electrical car batteries. The problem of fossil fuel obsolescence exist in the industry’s future, if the industry does not look for local source of Cobalt in Nigeria. The concerned academy properly funded can engage in the battery researches, therefore the smooth transition to the manufacture of electrical cars. Before the eyes of investors , Nigeria may have about 50 million car buying power under pay to own program, which is good news.

    If Dr. Bala Usman, were to wake up today, his historical analysis would point us to the empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, even our own Kanem Bornu. The market places in those ancient empires are not different from present day markets stalls in Nigeria . We shall therefore transition to Groceries stores and mall system. The malls would be good enough to house international corporate brand names. If not already, we shall begin to gradually lay the cyber cables that would transmit sales tax data to data banks, therefore the sales tax thereof. The market meat sellers of the old market system would be retrain to work in state or private owned Abattoir or Meat Processing Plants of international Standard. They would be better paid to afford the cost effective Universal Health Care System we shall ask the Nigerians Medical Association to draft. The Canadian, the Scandinavian or the Nordic countries universal health models have something we can learn.

    Given the Financial Grants, Nigerian Academies may not sing the praises of any leader, that is what they are supposed to do. Academies are independents, function as the Research and Development wings for most governments and private sectors. They are also the tools for diversification of the economy. If we do not draw close to them, they know like the rest of them, we shall leave a lot undone, some of it wrong or inadequate. May not prepared the nation 10-20 years ahead of projected challenges. Nigerians suspect that the intellectuals would advocate we maximize, the whistle blowing provision act. Document all the carnage on the pipe lines, the crimes against host communities, and the nation. Get the names, pictures and information of the economic saboteurs on the Gun boats, and arrest them in their homes, at the banks, airports, motor parks,. Place warrant for their arrest with INTERPOL, file complain against these individuals at International Criminal Court, for economic crime against man and environment, therefore humanity. The new Nigeria shall not be the Ray Ekpo’s giant with a clay feet. She would have the steel toe to kick these elements into the legal system , here and outside the country.

    We shall ask them to contest their grievances in Court. Present revenue allocation has the backing of what we currently operate as constitution, democratic process in which the majority and the minority states respectively take home what is allotted to them in the letters and spirit of a sharing formula. If otherwise, let the aggrieved push his case before the national assembly. The host communities of these criminal entities shall share their names, addresses and pictures. They have no choice, often they are the victims of their sabotages, share in their fate in every attempted battle to arrest them.
    Mr President you know we cannot smuggle the New Nigeria pass the ethnocentric nationalist, and the restructure group which seek the amalgamation of the states in which their ethnic or tribal group dominates the rest. Therefore, with sensible policy construct, and free market economy we shall knock down their barriers, seal their trenches, and kick aside their dangerous sentiments to pull through the new nation. Example, a single national universal health care system in a free market places all World Bank loans goes into a single fund. Government then provides subsidized loans to corporate health entities in the private sector, therefore help bring down the cost of heath services, negotiate price of health care treatments. Build infrastructures using it as a bargain chip in price negotiation with the Health Corporations.

    Agriculture should be left in the hands of the private sectors with easy access to loans. No state fertilizer allocation any more, all out puts would be on the market. States with comparative advantage in agriculture would buy all they want and feed the rest of the nation. If we do this, we plug all the loop hole by which non agric. states sell their fertilizer allocations to neighboring countries, repackaged and sold back us. If we create a free market condition in which same option is available to everybody on the free market, the argument of the ethnocentric begin to peel off. The Nigerian intellectuals would help figure out how we do this.

    Nigerians understand it would take more than 1-2 years to clear 50 years of corruption, plant a complete interstate rail networks, the full energy spectrum, diversification of the economy, therefore free market economy, environmental oil spillage cleanup, prepare the nation for 21st century etc. They would give the president the benefit of “the calm before the storm” because Nigerians know the difference between this President, his party who are starting to give us the above within two years and the other party who had 16 years and did almost nothing. They had their presidents, they were all dead on arrival. Our president is visionary and able, now they hunt us with the shouts of King Solomon, divide the child.
    If the access to the APC membership registration form is available, I shall join the party, and urge Nigerians to do same. We cannot be making suggestions, and stay on the side line when the soul of a nation and the vision we all share are at stake. Nigerians hope whistle blowers, and undercover security agents shall be available in party primary election to guide against undue influence of money in the political process.
    On lighter notes, if Buhari Muhammed mission right, Oluwole Soyinka glides into the tectonic plate of the prophetic,
    “ …consecrated brooms shall sweep our earth” the APC has the brooms, and sweeping good with EFCC.
    “…From Lagos to lake chad the host of interlopers would be exorcised “.Political interlopers are decamping to where they belong.
    “Of eternal Niger, reclaimed mangrove swamps…” Buhari is currently doing that in Niger Delta.
    “Let all creed be recast if the gate of paradise is locked…” We are contemplating a new constitution, we are all locked behind by the current one. ( LOL)
    (search Google: Elegy for a nation by Wole Soyinka)
    Henry Austine Ugbomah
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  • Full blooded Nigerian

    Eksemaradu, you are not being truthful. You want to eradicate in 2019, the corruption your party planted and watered between 1999 and 2015! Tell your party men to return all the monies they stole then we would know you have repented.

    • Don Gratias

      Please tell Buhari to tell us what happened to our 25 billion dollars NNPC scam, it is far greater than the 2.1 billion that we have been screaming and for which Dasuki has been detained indefinitely. We have come to realize that PDP are pick pockets, APC are the real mega thieves and looters. You can confirm from Maina, Baru, Abba Kyari, Babachir alias grass cutter, and other APC gang of liars and criminals.