Indeed, the ‘Kicks of a Dying Horse’!


Responding to the continuous killing of Nigerians and some of its men in the armed forces by the Boko Haram sect, the Nigerian government said last week that what was happening in the fight against terrorism was the kick of a dying horse. Kicks of a dying horse? A dying horse could still muster the strength to give the kind of kicks that sent many to their early grave?

If at this time in the life of this administration government has still not come to terms with the reality that its propaganda as far as the fight against terrorism is no longer effective if not shameful, then, it means it also has a communication problem with non-existent feedback mechanism.

Perhaps, government needs to send a special team to visit the war front and access the level of disconnect that is prevalent there. There are stories that the existential inter-agency rival is one major impediment to successful prosecution of the war against terrorism, causing many of the promising soldiers to lose their lives, in addition to the entrenched corruption story that is doing the rounds. Government has a lot to do if it truly desires to decimate terrorism.