Synergos Brings Diversity Dialogue to Abuja


Synergos Nigeria and the National Orientation Agency are partnering to organise a summit on ‘Youth using Ethnic Diversity for Agriculture Excellence’, a foundation dialogue for a more inclusive and collaborative economy amongst younger Nigerians.

The dialogues which hold in Abuja on November 14 are coming at a time the nation has begun building the foundation of a diversified economy and shift focus from oil-led exports to Agriculture led growth as contained in the Economic Recovery Growth Plan 2017.

 Tagged the Synergos Diversity Dialogue, the summit will be chaired by Peggy Dulany Founder and Chair of Synergos as well as the Global Philanthropists Circle, she co-founded the latter in 2001.She has continued the tradition of her family and late father American philanthropist, David Rockefeller to ensure Bridging Leadership and Collaboration deliver inclusive economies for the Poor.

 Other guests at the summit are Maryam Uwais, Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment and Garba Abari of the National Orientation Agency. The event is facilitated by Synergos Nigeria, a non-profit organization with the focus on facilitating system changes and influencing sustainable development.

 Synergos Institute founded in 1986 is a global nonprofit organization that brings people together to solve complex problems of poverty and create opportunities for individuals and their communities to thrive. It was founded to promote collaboration among grassroots groups and government or business leaders and organizations, people who otherwise would not have access to each other so that they can develop long-term relationships and forge new paths in overcoming poverty.

 Adewale Ajadi, head of Synergos Nigeria, explained that the organisation’s resolve to put together the summit was informed by the progress of Nigeria towards systemic improvement in Agriculture in which Diversity is a silent but critical player.
Ajadi said, “This event is being organised to facilitate discussions on driving a truly inclusive economy through youth, particularly youth in agriculture.”
Synergos in previous engagements has worked on bridging leadership gaps between Federal and State stakeholders, provided collaboration platforms to promote agribusiness in Kogi, Benue and Kaduna States and facilitated a systems-thinking approach to agriculture in Nigeria.