Micking Oil, Korea’s Best Entres Nigerian Market


Golden Stone Limited, a Lagos based company, has introduced a renowned and affordable synthetic engine oil into the market. The new engine oil, Micking brand of lubricants, is Korea’s number one top premium motor oil, which has been in the international engine oil market for many decades.

Managing Director, Golden Stone, sales representative of Micking Motor oil in West Africa, Mr. Andy Offor, who presented motor oil to the motoring press recently, said the oil has been trusted in the automotive market.

He explained that their future plan was to blend the oil locally, and create more jobs for the youths, adding that Micking brand of oil comes only in semi synthetic and fully synthetic categories, which makes it outstanding in the engine oil category.

“Though fully synthetic, Mr Offor said that Micking sympathetic engine oil brand  are priced like ordinary mineral oil, said.” Its outstanding qualities include keeping the engine running like new, extending engine life and drain interval by up to eight months or 10,000 kilometers, as well as having remarkable anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties. Other qualities of the oil include improved protection against sludge and harmful deposits, easy engine starting and excellent high and low temperature performance.

 The managing director disclosed that  for a long time, Nigerians have been deceived to buy low grade engine oils by some big lubricant manufacturers which are obsolete and not healthy for their engines.

He advised motorists to always check the API (American Petroleum Institute) rating before purchasing their lubricants in order not to ruin the life of their engines. He listed, the SH, SG SF, SE grade of engine oils as obsolete but are still being sold to unsuspecting Nigerian Motorists for their engines. “Whenever you are buying engine oil for your vehicles, kindly check the API rating as this would enable you know the engine oil suitable for your engine,” he said. To this end, he advised motorists to rather go for semi synthetic and fully synthetic motor engine oil of high API levels instead of mineral engine oil.

The Golden Stone boss identified class of API rated engine oil to include the SN which is the most current in the industry, introduced in 2010 and designed for engines made from 2010 till date. Next to the SN grade of engine oil is the SM which is also current but for engines for 2010 and older ones down to 2005. This is followed by the SL which is also current but serves for 2004 vehicles and older automotive engines down to 2002 while the SJ also current are for vehicles and older automotive engine down to 1997.

He regretted that some companies are still selling the API rated engine oil such as SH, SG, SF and SE in Nigeria which are damaging to modern engines Micking oil also distributes fully synthetic engine oil for diesel vehicles ranging from C1-4 to CJ 4.

He said Micking engine oil is ideal for all modern cars ranging from Korean, Japanese, European, and American cars, adding that Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Range River, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford and other major auto manufacturers could use Micking oil.