Islamic League with the Beauty of Being a Muslim


Prior to the Ramadan season, the Islamic League of Nigeria, one of the oldest and strongest Muslim societies in the world, held a pre-Ramadan lecture to usher in the fasting season in accordance with Islamic rites. The impact of that May 21st religious event at the Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, left much to be desired as it reawakened the tenets of Islam and the moral objectives of the religion to the society.

Amongst the Muslim faithful that gathered alongside great Islamic scholars are Dr. Misbaud-Din Olawale Raheemson of the Department of Religion and Peace Studies, Lagos State University; and Fadhilat Habeebulah Adam Abudulahi, Principal of Murkaz, Agege.

According to the National Missionary of Islamic League of Nigeria, Alhaji Rajee Sulaiman El Iman, the society involve in different activities to have positive impact in the life of people all over the world since its existence. He pointed out some of this as; poverty alleviation programmes; turbaning and graduating students from their school which he benefited from as one of the first to graduate there.

Also, the President of Islamic League of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammed Bakare noted that Islam is a peaceful religion. He said there are no differences between Islamic League and other Muslim societies. He mentioned that there’s platform called Muslims Community of Lagos State. This binds all Muslim societies in Lagos State together and it has been able to keep and improve the oneness among them.

The Islamic League which has been in existence for over 50 years now and derived its source from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The idea came from friends who met to perform pilgrims (Umrah and Hajj) from different countries. They have same objectives of showing the beauty of Islam to the world.
In so doing, they form a group of friends and led to Islamic League. Each individual in the formative group then took it to their different countries with strong networking and communication to monitor the improvement and assist each other.

He further stated that “Islam is one, we call on one Allah and worship the way holy Prophent Muhammed (SAW) has thought us. We have one holy book (Quran) and Hadith which is the says and doings of holy Prophet serves as guide to all Muslims in the world. Muslims should be positive to goodness not to only Muslims but to all creature of Allah. Islam is far from terrorism. This is true teaching of Islam.”

The secretary of the Islamic League (Lagos Chapter), Alhaji Haleem Hameed, said the society headed by Alhaji Sulyman Adeleye as the women wing organised programmes that add to the quality of youths and women in our midst.