Saharan Distillers Brings Dominio Del Rey Wine to Nigerians


Peter Uzoho

Manufacturers of premium quality drinks, Saharan Distillers, has
brought into the Nigerian market, Dominio Del Rey Wine, a world-class
wine to meet the taste of Nigerians.

The wine which originated from Spain, a country with the largest wine
acreage in the world comes with variety – Red Wine, White Wine and Rose,
as well as Dominio Del Rey Sparkling Wines – Brut and Rose.

According to the makers, Dominio Del Rey represents an unbroken
tradition in wine making dating back as far as 1621, perfected by
royal vintners who served King Felipe IV during the Royal Banquet.
It symbolises an exquisite taste such that the King approved
its quality and superb bouquet for his banquet.

The company said though foreign made, Dominio Del Rey Wines are made
specifically with the Nigerian drinker in mind as they are made to
withstand the tropics and also to pair excellently with the consumer’s
favorite spicy dishes.

To ensure it really meets the standard for good quality wine, Saharan
Distillers explained that certain criteria were looked into which
include consideration of the organic ingredients, acidity, food
pairing, affordability, packaging and preservation, among others.
“Good and healthy wine should be made from organic fruits through an
organic process and is preserved organically. The acidity refers to
the fresh, tart and sour attributes of the wine which are evaluated in
relation to how well the acidity balances out the sweetness and bitter
components of the wine.

“In this part of the world where our foods are predominantly spicy,
you would want a wine that complements spicy food and appetisers while
adding a refreshing and thirst quenching taste. In your quest for wine
you need to ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pockets. You need a
wine that provides the best value for money.

“Your choice wine has to be specifically designed to withstand
humidity and high temperatures while remaining fresh and tasty. It has
to be a wine that is well sealed to avoid oxidation and air dilution,
with a Long shelf Life.”

According to them, Red Dominio Del Rey wine contains a rich and fruity
tasting wine with a sweet tinge that comes with the full ripened
grapes in the warm autumnal sunshine of the Spanish plateau. As the
name implies, Dominio stands for dominion and royalty, and the brand
symbolises exquisiteness.

“Dominio Del Rey White is a dry straw coloured wine with a gentle
scent of honey and herbs; it is light yet pleasantly tart, enchanting,
exotically-fruited and exuberant. The white wine comes with an
impressive elegance for all the life’s great moments, and redefines
elegance with a subtle fresh taste.

“Dominio Del Rey Rose is a delicate rose wine, with a subtle sweetness
that pairs nicely with your favorite meals. The aroma of this
beautiful wine adequately prepares you for its delicious taste; it’s a
royal wine with a distinct taste, exclusively made for royalty.
Saharan also explained that Dominio Del Rey Sparkling Brut is an
elegant sparkling wine, with a refreshingly luxurious bubbly taste,
best served chilled and blends perfectly with spicy food and
appetisers. “The ultimate every day luxury, this wine makes a
statement of class and elegance and freshness. It leaves no bitter
after taste and is gentle on the senses.

“Dominio Del Rey Sparkling Rose is a delicious Rosé, a perfect food
companion, blending perfectly with your meals and satisfying with its
bubbly refreshing taste. Whether you’re hosting a party of friends or
whipping up a sparkling cocktail, the Dominio Del Rey Sparkling
Cocktail never disappoints. You are just a twist and a pop from
luxurious refreshment.”

The company stressed that there is an increasing demand for wine as
many Nigerians, both men and women, adopt wine as their favorite
drink, especially at public functions and indoor celebrations of all
kinds. It said the wine is now seen to be an ideal alternative to
lager for many consumers, particularly female consumers, who they
believe do not prefer beer but see wine as a much healthier
alternative as it does not cause bloating.

“Therefore, as the number of women living in Nigeria’s urban areas who
are in professional work increases, demand for wine is growing on the
one hand. For men on the other hand, the social status that wine
confers on drinkers, who consider it to be more sophisticated than
other drinks such as beer and gin, has also made it popular.
“Health wise for instance, red wine that is high in tannin contains
procyanidins which protect against heart disease,” Saharan added.