Buhari Passes Vote of Confidence on His Ministers, APC


Nnenna Akuma in Abuja

Contrary to the sentiments shared by Nigerians on the performance of some ministers and other top functionaries in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, the president last Monday passed a vote-of-confidence on some of his ministers, saying they have been working creditably well.

Speaking at the 2017 edition of annual management conference of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) in Abuja, the president claimed that key officials and decision makers in his government have so far discharged their duties well.

He also passed similar vote-of-confidence on his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), members, adding that some of them belonged to the NIM, and have employed the tenets and ethics of the institute to help him run his government.

“I recognise that some key decision makers in my administration and our great party who are members of the Institute are making great strides and discharging their duties creditably. I wish to also point out that NIM has been contributing immensely to nation building over the years especially in the area of capacity building,” Buhari said.

Notwithstanding his claim that his ministers and party officials have being efficient in helping him run the affairs of the country, the president, however, stated that corrupt practices among Nigerians and in government institutions remained a key challenge to his government’s plan for the country.

He said for Nigeria to achieve the kind of economic prosperity she dreams of, she would have to show immense dislike for corrupt practices that negatively impacts on her economic efficiency.
According to him, “To set this country on the path of greatness and prosperity, complete elimination of all forms of corrupt practices must be in the front burner and our collective consciousness always.

“You will agree with me that great nation is the reward of great leadership built on good governance with strict adherence to the ideals and principles of corporate governance. This is our motivation and value proposition. My administration will therefore continue to fight corruption and associated social vices at all levels until they are exterminated from our body polity.

“The Nigerian project is faced with several challenges on every facet of the society and the solutions to these challenges must be fast tracked if we must get the economy up and running again. I urge the Institute to sustain its current efforts in ensuring professionalism and good ethical conduct among its members and Nigerians in general.”

The president equally called on the NIM to partner the National Orientation Agency (NOA) which he said has the right values on corporate governance that Nigerians could learn from.