Tony Elumelu, Jim Ovia’s Oratorical Skills


They are two of a kind and share a lot of things in common. Both Tony Elumelu, Chairman, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and Jim Ovia, Chairman, Zenith Bank Plc, are colossi in the banking sector.  Indeed, these two banking wizards are a pride to their fatherland.

Over the years, they have succeeded in positioning their respective banks among the top banks in the world. No doubt, their coming into the banking sector has been a blessing, just as they are a great inspiration to aspiring bankers across the globe.

It is also a fact that both have got a lot to show for their sweats. All the comforts of life are at their beck and call. As proof of their success stories, popular Forbes Magazine featured them as being among the richest in Africa.

Though the foregoing may amount to saying the obvious, what many may not know about these two giants is that beyond their respective feats in the banking sector, they are gifted with oratorical power.

Spyglass  gathered that Elumelu, who doubles as Chairman, Heirs Holdings, is a great thinker and orator. He is said to have showcased this God-given talent on different occasions in and outside the country, where he had delivered lectures to wide acclaim.  Those who know him very well claim that he had begun to show evidence of a master of the spoken words from his university days.

In the same vein, it was gathered that Ovia too is no less an impressionable orator. He mesmerises whenever he is given the opportunity to hold the microphone. Indeed, many love to listen to him talk at public functions.