Police Report Senator to Ethics Committee over Pay-for Promotion Charge


Paul Obi in Abuja

The Nigerian Police thursday reported Senator Isah Hamman Misau to the Senate Ethics and Privilege Committee over alleged accusation against it that it was involved in bribery for promotion.

In a statement last night, the police also accused Misau of seeking vendetta following his dismissal from the Force for misconduct and other wrongdoings.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said: “The attention of the NPF has been drawn to a publication captioned ‘Bribe for Promotion: Senator asks DSS to Probe Police, PSC,’ credited to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Navy, Misau.

“The Force wishes to categorically state that, putting into cognisance the impact of the allegations from the senator on the integrity of the NPF if not investigated, the Inspector General of Police promptly set up a Special Investigation Panel on the 11th August, 2017 to investigate the allegations as reported on another publication captioned “Police Officers pay bribe for special promotion – senator” credited to the same Misau.

“The Special Investigation Panel was also mandated to investigate the allegations from the senator and other petitions and complaints that may be emanating from police officers or members of the public on accusations of payment of money for special promotion.

“The panel terms of reference covers the following areas: to investigate the complaints from Misau on allegations that police officers pay bribe for special promotion.

“To investigate other complaints, petitions and grievances from police officers within the Force and from other members of the public on allegations of giving money for promotion, either special or otherwise.

“To determine the substance of the complaints, petitions and grievances from aggrieved police officers and members of the public on allegations of giving money for special promotion.

“To determine those who were involved, to recommend appropriate judicial action and other punishments as it is appropriate in line with the provisions of Public Service Rules Section 030401 (j) (k) and other statutory enabling laws/Acts.

“The panel is to submit reports to the Inspector General of Police within two (2) weeks.
“The Special Investigation Panel subsequently sent two invitation letters to Misau: (i) for him to meet with the panel, was sent through the Senate President (ii) while, the other was written directly to him to provide evidence in written form to substantiate and shed light on his allegations and assist the panel to carry out a thorough and discreet investigation into the matter, but he declined and when some members of the panel visited him, he bluntly refused to make statement on his allegations.

“Misau, a senator, instead of proving his allegations with facts and other evidences to the panel, granted another media interview captioned ‘Bribe for Promotion: Senator asks DSS to Probe Police, PSC,’ credited to the senator.
He added that “the Nigeria Police Force sees all the allegations and actions of the senator as not only telling falsehood but a deliberate attempt to malign the integrity of the Force and a campaign of calumny against the hard earned reputation of the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force which the Force will not take lightly.

“Consequently, his conduct is being reported to the Senate’s ethics and privileges committee for appropriate sanction.

“It is incumbent on the Force to educate the senator and set the record straight that the Nigeria Police Force has the rights as provided for in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to investigate all allegations of crime and other infractions of law against anyone including an Institution.

“It is also pertinent to state that issues of promotions are internal matter within the Force and there are effective mechanisms to check excesses in the Force.”

Moshood said: “From available record, Misau, the Senate Committee Chairman on Navy, was an ex-police officer who left the Nigeria Police Force at the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police after being charged with several acts of serious misconducts, unprofessional wrong doings contrary to discipline, and other discreditable improper behaviors unbecoming of a police officer and that are inimical to image of the NPF, which can lead to dismissal or compulsory retirement from the Force.

“He was under Pending Disciplinary Matter (PDM), to appear and face Force Disciplinary Committee (FDC) before he hurriedly exited unceremoniously from the Force. And this can explain his ill motives against the Force.
“The Force hereby requests that the Senate’s Ethics and Privileges Committee look into the circumstances as mentioned above in the best interest of the National Assembly and the nation,” the police submitted.