Resource Result Tasks Businesses, Govt on Human Capital Development


Recruiting quality staff and constant training of existing human capital and resources is the best way to have the greatest HR asset any organisation can be proud of, Africa Managing Partner, Resource Result Limited, Mr. Adewale Abdulfattah Ademokunla, has said. Speaking ahead of a three-day workshop by the company on tackling HR risk challenges, he premised his submission on the very nature of human natural intelligence ability to be innovative and creative. “In a recession, organisation with talented and properly trained staff will beat its competitor by being creative and innovative with new products and services that customer wants. This will bring about optimal growth and stakeholder expected returns in the company,” he said.

While urging businesses and government to give priority to human capital development for organisational growth, he lamented that typically in Nigeria, training is perceived in many organisations as secondary vacation for staff, as employers often cut training budget as soon as cash flow becomes an issue. This challenge, according to him, is being addressed by Resource Result with the introduction of a one-day ‘Pro-Bono’ training to both private and public sectors, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program. “Training ought to be an investment in human capital by employers. However, such is the opposite in government or private sector. It is often seen as welfare and rather than a critical success factor that should fill an identified need or gap in an organization,” he said. According to him, the workshop from August 23rd – 25th, 2017 at Excellent Hotel and Conference Centre Ogba, Lagos, will address such HR challenges including prevention of potential fraud, HR budget preparation that is cost effective as well as management of emerging HR risk, regulatory and compliance challenges.