Experts Laud Effectiveness of Chivita 100% Breakfast Campaign


The ongoing #BreakfastwithChivita100% campaign which has trended for months on influential social media platforms is a pointer that it is important to prepare a good communication campaign.

The campaign has also enjoyed positioning on strategic out of home platforms, as well as a blitz of television advertisement on terrestrial and satellite channels. However, it is fundamental to know how to distribute it for effectiveness, some experts have said.

With its key message of making breakfast complete with Chivita 100% Fruit Juice gaining traction, the brand has through effective communication endeared itself to consumers by offering a highly attractive value proposition. Its partnership with Manchester United and deployment of some of the club’s internationally renowned stars like Wayne Rooney, Marcus Rashford, Eric Bailly and Juan Mata in the television advertisement to project the brand’s breakfast narrative is seen as a masterstroke through its showcasing of some of the best players in football making healthy and complete breakfast choices.

According to Ikem Onyeka, a Brand Consultant with Wingplus Communication, a communication campaign succeeds when the brand owner is able to persuade consumers that the brand has benefits that they want or need; hence, it is not every time a brand achieves the objective of exciting the consumer in ways that ignite conversation.

“The Chivita 100% breakfast campaign has ticked all the boxes for a good communication campaign. Firstly, the brand puts forward an appealing and beneficial value proposition, and essentially enriched our idea of a healthy complete breakfast,” Onyeka said.

“Secondly, it is effectively marketing its breakfast narrative with deployment via primetime television and radio advertisement, banner adverts on influential online websites, social media promotions, strategic billboard placements and reviews in national print publications. Thirdly, these efforts have generated renewed consumer interest, conversations around a complete healthy breakfast like never before”

Biodun Balogun, a health nutrition expert said, “As a nutritionist, my job involves offering dietary advices to people. In recent times, I have seen a noticeable trend in enquiries around the benefits of 100% fruit juice for breakfast. Many of my clients attribute their enquiries to the Chivita 100% breakfast communication campaign, which shows that the brand is doing a good job of owning the breakfast narrative.”

“It is a good sign that more people are becoming conscious of what they consume and seeking complete breakfast beverage choices that offers great taste, quality nutrition and a healthy alternative like Chivita 100%,” Balogun added.

Speaking on the effectiveness of the Chivita 100% breakfast Campaign, CHI Limited’s Head of Marketing, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya said, “Of importance to our robust communication campaign is the need to engage consumers through effective platforms and offer a value proposition that is in tandem with their needs.”

“We have done this in an efficient way, and our indicators of success is the increased awareness and growing consumer trend of making Chivita 100% the preferred beverage for their varied complete breakfast diets at homes, schools, offices and restaurants across the country.”

Made from real natural fruits with no added sugar, no artificial colours and no preservatives, Chivita 100% offers the range of nutrition whole fruits offer. It is available in six variants of Real Orange, Real Apple, Real Pineapple, Red Grape, Orange Pineapple & Orange Mango, and come in 1ltr, 315ml, 200ml and 180ml pack sizes.