Pladis Begins Promotional Campaign to Mark 125th Anniversary


Raheem Akingbolu

Biscuits and confectionery manufacturers, Pladis, has inaugurated a grand promotional campaign in celebration of the 125th anniversary of its popular brand, McVitie’s Digestive biscuits.

Pladis, whose brands include McVitie’s, Godiva, Haansbro and Ulker, announced the promotion at a media launch held in Lagos recently.

According to the company, the 125th anniversary promo, which commenced on July 4, will last for three months and see customers winning a lot of prizes such as N1m each for three consumers; N500,000 each for six consumers; N200,000 each for 15 consumers; and instant airtime for 45,000 consumers.

Commenting on the decision to launch the campaign in celebration of the milestone, the Country Manager, Pladis Nigeria, Kwame Wiafe, said, “The McVitie’s Digestive brand has enjoyed a lot of consumers’ love and support for over 12 decades across the globe, including in Nigeria. We therefore decided to commemorate this great milestone by rewarding our loyal consumers who have made the McVitie’s Digestive brand story a successful one.”

Wiafe urged consumers to buy any of the McVitie’s Digestive anniversary promotional pack, scratch the foil to reveal a unique promo code and text the code to an SMS short code to stand a chance of winning one of the gifts.
The Marketing Director, Pladis Nigeria, ToyinNnodi, explained that in order to make the promotion transparent and fair, all prizes won would be mutually exclusive to consumers.

He said, “This means that once a particular phone number has been drawn for any of the prizes, it will be excluded from subsequent draws. This has been done to give all McVitie’s Digestive lovers an equal chance to win prizes at any time within the duration of the promo, irrespective of when they entered into the promo and to avoid unchecked multiple winnings.”

Nnodi noted further that the anniversary promotion was the first rollout of new developments from the brand.
“We are constantly thinking of ways to uphold the brand’s promise of providing happiness and deliciousness to consumers all over the world with every biscuit bite, and we will have some exciting new developments this year,” he said.

He added that in 1892, Alexander Grant, a McVitie’s employee, created the first and original ‘Digestive’ biscuit, saying that the secret recipe was still being used widely across the globe.
“Pladis products, including McVities digestives, reach approximately four billion people worldwide,” he stated.