ConA’Stone Premieres Igbanladogi Video in Grand Style


By Vanessa Obioha

ConA’Stone maybe an upcoming Nigerian hip hop manager but he clearly understands the intricacies of showbiz. On a very wet Sunday evening, he shut down the exotic Celebration Gardens in Ikeja, Lagos with the premiere of the video for his recently released track ‘Igbanladogi’.

The evening kicked off on a high tempo: harnessing the dexterity of veteran DJ Humility on the turntables to woo the interest of invited guests. This display of musical alchemy was followed by a series of back-to-back performances from promising acts like Atinuke, Jhybo, SOD and Beambo Taylor. These artistes graced the stage with a touch of showmanship in delivering their musical styles and influences.

ConA’Stone would later take the stage to perform ‘Igbanladogi’. Flanked by energetic dancers in traditional attires, they thrilled the audiene with their choreographed over rhythmic synths and rap verses, conveying the essence of the song.
A spirited Individual, ConA’Stone expressed intense passion for his style of music and further hinted onfactors that motivates him to make music. He said:

“I like commitment, once I lay my hands on something, I see it to fruition. Even when people place doubt in me, it motivates me and this is evident in a track I wrote titled ‘Who Are You?’I literally went into the studio and processed all the negativity from people on me on that track. I also thank God for my family and relations, for now, they are supportive towards my goals of being an artiste.”

A budding career currently managed by Wulfpac Entertainment Stables, ConA’Stone debuted on the musical landscape in 2013. He has so far released flavoured hip hop tracks like ‘Don’t Doubt Me’ and ‘Pedestrian Crossing’, both exploring the ‘Ibile-rap’, a subgenre of hip hop which experiments on the heavy use of Yoruba vernacular in rap verses.
The artiste revealed that his new track was inspired by a role played by veteran Yoruba actress Ayo Mogaji in the movie of same title. He further cites Christy Essien-Igbokwe and Ebenezer Obey as musical influences on the entire creative process of ‘Igbanladogi’. He aspires to make timeless music like they did in their era.
For Wulfpac. ConA’Stone is a good bet.

“We have been studying music and trying to compare trends internationally, presently there is more focus on flavoured music and we have found out that flavoured music is gotten more from people trying to do it the more traditional way. So when they approached Wulfpac concerning ConA’Stone, we took this as a challenge. The ConA’Stone project gave us a new angle of expression, it gave us something to show, to push the typical grass to grace story to the spotlight. Generally, the project is good,” said Lanre Roland