‘Nigeria’s Zeal for Digital Transformation Will Boost the Economy’


Emma Okonji

Motorola, manufacturer of digital two-way radio communication devices, which allow communication between smartphones, radios, computers and even landlines, designed to address security and safety at workplace, has said that the zeal exhibited by present and past governments will enhance Nigeria’s economy in a most profitable way.

Senior Sales Manager in charge of Motorola Solutions for Africa, Mr. Nicolas Coussinoux, who made the remark at a press briefing in Lagos, where the firm introduced the latest Motorola digital two-way radio system in Nigeria, also commended the adoption rate of digital devices by Nigerians, especially the Motorola two-way communication device, which he said, had been widely embraced by most organisations and various governments, in the past forty years of Motorola’s business in Nigeria.

Quoting the Head of Digital Transformation at the recent World Economic Forum, Coussinoux said: “There is widespread recognition among leaders in most industries that the role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption. Whilst digital technologies are means for an innovation powered society, there’s a more fundamental role of these technologies in improving public safety.

“Nigeria has also begun the transition to digital in the two-way radio market, with both DMR and TETRA networks throughout the country and its cities, over vertical sectors, including oil and gas in the Niger Delta and Abuja. IHS project that this region will continue to benefit from investment in critical communications, as safety and security, is a perpetual concern.

“The Nigerian government is even looking at smart city technologies, which is a conscious effort by government, working with the private sector and all other stakeholders to forge a public private partnership to develop scalable, replicable, interoperable and measurable solutions that will make the Nigerian cities and citizens smarter.”
Keying into the Nigerian dream to digitise the country, Coussinoux said Motorola solutions would help improve security for remote plants and manufacturers in Nigeria, as the solutions would help customers leap over all adoption hurdles on their way to the digital world.

Head, Marketing, in charge of EMEA at Motorola, Mr. Tunde Williams, said with digital two-way radio, Motorola can improve safety by ensuring emergency calls get to the right person immediately whenever there is an issue; knowing exactly where employees are anytime, anywhere in the plant or outside of it; expedite resources outside the plant to respond more quickly; making sure workers can communicate clearly in the noisiest environments; making sure workers have a radio battery that can last an entire shift.

He advised organisations to ensure they buy genuine two-way communication device from Motorola certified partners and resellers in order to enjoy regular service updates, which include software updates, information updates about cyber threats in the radio environment and more.