AgbaniDarego, Hubby Still Honeymooning


About three months after they got married in an elaborate wedding in the medieval and poetic city of Marrakech, Morocco, brand new couple, Agbani Darego and her beau, Ishaya, a son of retired army general and one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most influential men, TY Danjuma, are still touring the world on honeymoon, discovering and relishing each other’s pleasure troves. Who wouldn’t? For a long time Nigeria’s most sought after spinster, Agbani’s life took a turn for the best when she emerged winner of the competition in 2001, making her the first native African to be so crowned. She was just 19 then.

While it would be expected that her love life would be fodder for the tabloids, the leggy siren jealously guarded her private life. Not even when she enrolled at the New York University where she bagged a degree in Psychology, or when she traversed the globe in fulfilment of her beauty queen objectives, did news of her love life make the news. Except for presumptions of a relationship with one or two men of massive means in the last 16 years, no local or international tabloid has anything salaciously solid on her.

Thus, her marital affinity with the obscenely wealthy Danjuma family seems to be the final testament that she was born to rule and reign. Not for her would be the angst of where the next gold earring or funds for an exotic getaway come from. Her life is indeed a fairy tale.

And she has been living it as such. At present, the couple is in Italy, savouring the exotic sights and sounds of Venice and Sicily where she has been sharing with her almost 150, 000 Instagram followers, scenic photographs from her honeymoon. While beau has fittingly remained in the background, Agbani continues to explore a world of pleasure and privileges she has now got accustomed to over the past 16years.