The rich take their pleasures, sadly, after the fashion of whatever seems to be trendy. Hence it is not in habit but in novelty and the passé that many a man pursues vainglory and pleasure. But what manner of vain gloriousness would drive Segun Awolowo Jnr, the publicity-loving grandson of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, to engage in a desperate jostle for the limelight? What shade of vanity would drive him to engage in intense competition with local stars on the narcissist’s coven called Instagram, for social correctness and youth appeal?
Perhaps the type that drives the proverbial old woman to channel and relive the pleasure of youth and her famished beauty in grandiose and evanescent dreams.

As you read, Segun is engaged in a feral and frantic hustle in the now fashionable quest for the juiciest portion of the spotlight on the social medium. The jury is still out on what Segun is more passionate about between taking endless pictures for social media exhibitionism or living life to the hilt. Segun, the executive director/CEO of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, is known to love the high life.

He was one of the silver spoon kids that held the society by the jugular in their younger days when the streets bowed to their wild and wide whims. Now in his 50s, the Ogun State University graduate-trained lawyer has parlayed his youthful exuberance to showing off on Instagram where he regularly posts pictures of his social and professional activities.

Predictably, when Aliko Dangote hosted friends on his luxury boat last Monday to a Ramadan party, Segun, it was, that hurriedly posted the picture of the billionaires present, sending blogosphere into a tailspin. This did not go down well with Aliko and other guests who saw his action as childish. But Segun remains unperturbed or so it seems.