Japan to Explore Nigerian Mobile Market    



With countless number of smartphone brands in the market, the Japanese have also indicated interest to enter the market as it announced plans to launch its product in Nigeria.

The phone brand, is yet to be unveiled,  is expected to serve millions of Nigerians with quality and unique features.

Information from the product’s headquarters in Japan showed that preparations had already hit top gear to roll out the smartphone brand in 20 countries with Nigeria as the hub of its expansion in Africa.

Industry experts have however expressed optimism on the wide acceptance of the products as a result of Japan’s credibility   in the market place.

Culturally conservative with an uncompromising eye for quality and a time-honoured tradition of reliability, Japanese brands are renowned world over for their sheer ability to deliver great value for money.

Mega brands such as Toyota, Datsun, Casio, Ajinomoto, Canon Inc., Bridgestone, ASICS, Fujifilm, Konami, General Air conditioners, Hitachi and Kenwood Corporation, amongst others, are familiar and popular among Nigerians, having not only expanded their spheres of operations to the country but constantly delivering great products and services over the years. It is therefore not surprising that made by Japan, has come to be seen as the word for world-class and genuine products.

Besides, Nigeria being a fertile ground for technology based investment  considering the impact of Information Communication Technology ,ICT to the Gross Domestic Product, technology savvy youth population, increased government earnings as well as the record spending expected in the recently passed N7.298tn budget for 2017, Japan may be in for a life changing fortune.