‘Picture Perfect’ Hits Cinemas July 7


Mary Ekah

The multi-talented actress and film maker, Biodun Stephen is set to dazzle the audience yet again with her new movie Picture Perfect, which is due to be released in cinemas nationwide on July 7.

The film maker is known not just for making successful movies but also for telling simple, yet great and compelling stories. Her critically acclaimed 2015 four-man comedy movie, ‘The Visit’ has been described as rich in every sense. It raises many issues like infidelity, cultism, genital mutilation and drug trafficking. Also, Ovy’s voice focuses on the unfamiliar angle of seeing life from the point of view of a physically challenged person and also the familiar story of sexual abuse. Like the others, Tiwa’s Baggage also tells a simple but pure story. While it dwells on a cliché kind of dilemma often faced by unmarried mothers, it also focuses on where some of the issues common to this kind of dilemma originate from.

Her new movie, ‘Picture Perfect’ is a beautiful blend of comedy, reality and a jot of romance. According to her, it will change how citizens perceive thugs and also try to reveal the unfortunate situations many find themselves by no fault of theirs. It tells the story of a fashion designer played by Mary Remmy Njoku, who meets a notorious area boy, Jobe played by Bolanle Ninalowo when her car breaks down in his hood. What seems to be a distressing situation turns out to be a blessing, only to go completely sideways when he sets up home beside her shop.

According to the actress turned producer, Biodun Stephen: “Picture Perfect was inspired by my tailor. At first glance, the story seemed like one of a damsel in distress, but it is more than that. It is not just your regular story, the title, ‘Picture Perfect’ lies at the very core of the movie, which is about what makes a perfect father figure. Sometimes the picture perfect fathers are found in the most imperfect human beings.

“The movie is all encompassing; it has comedy, love and more. It has been screened exclusively to a few people and they cannot stop talking about how exciting it is. It is one of a kind and without a doubt; the audience are going to love it.”