National Assembly Working on Law to Check Kidnapping, Says Namdas

Goddy Egene

The National Assembly is working on a law that will put a stop to the menace of kidnappings in the country, the spokesman of the House of Representatives, Abdulrazak Namda has said.

Speaking on ARISE Television, a sister company of THISDAY last night, Namda, said the lawmakers are taking their time because they want a law that has national outlook.

“We are working on a law. When you are working on a law that has national outlook, you have to be very careful. We are looking at how we could do this law that can be operated in the entire country given the population. The country taking into consideration the issue of culture, among others,” he said.

“The kidnappings are unprecedented and it is not in one zone. Most member have been putting up motions calling on the government to ensure that security forces work harder to checkmate the situation. We invited the security chiefs to explain to members how they have been doing and I think they did explain to us and we are really satisfied and they told us that they have some challenges and we will cooperate to see how the kidnapping does not take an alarming rate,” Namdas added.

As part of the solutions, the lawmaker suggested that the number of policemen should be increased, explaining that the policemen are overworked considering the current security challenges.

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