Moves to Recall Melaye Commences in Kogi West

Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye
  • Bello is shooting the Moon and boxing the air, says Dino

Moves to recall the Senator representing Kogi West senatorial district, Dino Melaye has commenced.

The process kicked off yesterday in all the seven local government areas of the district with hundreds of constituents queuing to sign the referendum on his recall from the Nigerian Senate

The event was monitored in several polling units across the local governments and large crowds were seen taking their turns, with their voter’s card in hand to sign the register.

Dino has been having it rough with the sole administrator of Ijumu Local Government Council, Alhaji Taofiq Isah, following alleged assassination attempt on his life.

The local government councils involved in the recall process in Kogi West are Ijumu, Kabba/Bunu, Lokoja, Kogi, Mopa/Amuro, Yagba West and Yagba East.

When THISDAY visited some of the local government councils, it was discovered that the collection of signature took place in Lokoja and Kogi local government council on Friday while that of Ijumu, Yagba West and Yagba East took place on Saturday as people came out with photocopy of their PVC to write their names down.

However, in Ijumu Local Government Council, the administrator, Alhaji Taofiq Isah was in Unit One Ilu Avon in Aiyetorogbede, the unit of Melaye mobilising people for the recall of the Senator.

But Senator Dino Melaye in his reaction to the development said the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, was shooting the moon and boxing the air.

Melaye said “Spending over one billion naira tax payers’ money on an unproductive venture, when salaries and pensions have not been paid is wicked. I will continue to defend the poor and defenseless masses of Kogi State. If I die I die. We must rescue the state”.

Those who spoke to THISDAY said they were mobilised to put down their names to recall Senator Dino from the National Assembly and then submit photocopy of their PVC as evidence.

At the Odo Ape Market Square Polling Unit, most of the signees were non-indigenes, who berated the Senator for failing in his promises to them and deserting them after the 2015 elections.

Leader of the youths in the community, Muhammad Danjuma, said, “We gave Dino full support in 2015, because we love APC and President Buhari. But now, Dino got there and has been insulting the president. He has shown no respect to the party, no respect to the National Leader, Bola Tinubu, and no respect to us.

“He abandoned us after the election and has not bothered to see us since. We have made many attempts to reach him but he refused. We are tired of his arrogance,” he said.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Melaye, I agree with you when you said “Spending over one billion naira tax payers’ money on an unproductive venture, when salaries and pensions have not been paid is wicked.”!
    Yahaya has brought this game to a totally disgraceful and despicable level!

    I have no idea why Kogi citizens have always had the unique misfortune of all the States of forever being saddled with greedy, wicked and unbalanced dim wits as Governors. From the crooked to the carpenter to the unstable navigator and finally to the present charlatan of a governor that has embezzled anything that can be embezzled from the state coffer. ALL our civil servants and Pensioners have remained unpaid for 15 months and here he is buying out expensive cars for gifts to those who do not deserve it, or giving out puny Kogi state citizens!

    Having said that, you are no better than any of your colleagues in the present Senate; when in the past when you were in the house of Rep. and your clothing were torn to shreds, or even before that when you patrolled ABU for 9 years. For all your life, you have never SHOWN any MODICUM of RESPONSIBILITY or RESPECT for the law. EACH TIME you APPEAR in the NEWS, I always cringe, as it is ALWAYS ABOUT YOU, ME and I! Nigeria is sadly at the moment saddled with CRAZY, CHILDISH and RIDICULOUS PRANKSTERS who call themselves LAWMAKERS. The present Nigerian political landscape is populated by the dregs of our rotting and corrupt society with no vision or hope for the ones coming behind! Time to recall you to your village!

    What a lousy world! What a God-forsaken crop of politicians!

  • walker3333

    of course only if their pvc ,,,vote places him there these votes actually can recall him,,,in an iDEAL WORLd…HE HIMSELF COULD EVEN STEP DOWN IF HE SEES hes not receiving support and peope have no confidence in him again

  • AyoJon

    If this works, it might become a good template