Can Nigeria Afford Another Military Rule?


The Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) recently raised the alarm that some top politicians have started approaching military officers to unseat the current administration and come back to power; for reasons best known to the civilians. Given that many Nigerians had mixed feelings about former military eras and against the background of the impact of such interventions on the country’s democracy and development process, do you think Nigeria can afford the return of the military to power? If not, what can be done to prevent this from happening?


* I wonder why they would bother considering that almost all presidents we have had since democracy are ex-military presidents. They should chill. Nigeria of before is not Nigeria of now. Reaction can be volatile even when looking down a barrel of an AK gun.

Miss Jennifer Onyejekwe, Lagos State

* Not at all, it was in those eras when there were few radio and television stations and owned by government; now, we have private stations inclusive. World-wide, change of government if not through ballot, will not be accepted internationally. What we need is that our President should resign on health ground and his name will be written in gold for resigning willingly. The Acting President should hire and fire and also be able to take blame where appropriate.

Mr. Dogo Stephen, Kaduna

* No! The Nigerian people will never allow any form of military again rule because our today’s palaver is as a result of their past involvement in governance. We (the youths) will vehemently resist the military fire for fire because our future would be doomed if we fail to act!

Mr. Sonny Okobi, Lagos State

* The question sounds as if Nigeria or Nigerians approve it to happen whereas they come by force. Despite the bad administration we’ve found ourselves today, it is still better than having service military men to rule us. Among the security chiefs dropped by PMB, is there any of them not challenged by the EFCC of carting away billions of naira? Kill those found in coup plotting in our country, firing squad period as a deterrent.

Hon. Babale Maiungwa, U/Romi, Kaduna

* No way! Military rule introduced the corruption which has left us crippled and crawling till date. We just need skilled, experienced, and respected political leaders with only the interest of Nigeria in their hearts. They abound but are too clean for the kind of politics we play here.

Ms Nkeiruka Abanna, Lagos

* Military rule cannot work in the Nigeria of today. Any military intervention now will only lead to more ethnic nationalities opting out of the union. Even though their effectiveness has been curtailed, Boko Haram succeeded in demystifying the supremacy of the army. Osinbajo is the right person to lead this nation at this time. He has the temperament and grace to handle the forces that are already threatening to pull us apart. God has already decided the future of this country, right from the time we came out in 2015 to vote for change. The manifestation is soon going to be evident to all. Fortunately the military are not part of that plan.

Mr. Buga Dunj, Jos, Plateau State

* It is not a hidden fact that military rule or military insurgency into politics is no longer fashionable in any part of the world. The rumour going around in Nigeria that some politicians are talking to some military guys, to me is a fallacy, and if it is true, I can tell you that Nigerians are going to revolt and protest against such in its entirety because the worst civilian rule is far better than the best military rule. Our politicians who are engaging these people should think back, they all knew what they went through during IBB and Abacha regime.

Mr. Durojaiye Olufemi, Lagos State

* The issue of the military coming back to power is indeed a misnomer. Look at all the countries taking giant strides in this world – America, India, China, South Africa, Singapore etc. – which of them has a military regime ruling the country? We should, as the saying goes, count our teeth with our tongue. Except we want to make ourselves the biggest laughing-stock of all time, all insinuations about a coup plot must be investigated and snuffed out.

Mr. E. Iheanyi Chukwudi, B.A.R., Apo, Abuja

* Despite that few people are enjoying our democracy because of selfish interest from our politicians, military interest in governance is not acceptable and they must remain in the barracks. After all international community has condemned it, so the military should withdraw soldiers from politicians. Our politicians should act well in governance to avoid military intervention over corruption and other vices in governance.

Mr. Gordon Chika Nnorom, Public Commentator, Umukabia, Abia State

* No, but we must make this change work. Resisting the change is an invitation to a military revolution, like what happened in Ghana in 1979 led by a 32-year-old officer, Flight-Lt. Jerry Rawlings. Today, they are better for it. My plea is that let every well-meaning Nigerian support this change positively; we shall reap the good of it.

Apostle Sampson Chuks, Int’l Coordinator, APAN Gospel Outreach Ministries Inc., Ghana/Nigeria, Accra, Ghana

* No, not at all. Nigeria must not tread that destructive path of coup or military rule again for whatever reason. Past experience shows that change to military rule never brought the desired results. We must be wise enough now to avoid such calamity. Africa is unfortunately burning with senseless wars from Cape to Cairo today. We must act maturely and not blindly. We need social and economic focus, not coup that previously took us several steps backward for no just course. We must steer clear of avoidable traps.

Mr. Apeji Onesi. Lagos State

* Nigeria cannot afford the return of military rule any more. I appreciate the military as a professional organisation and the role they played towards our nascent democracy. They should always be professional in their duties by defending against the foe and external forces.

Mr. Yusuf M.B.O, Nda Aliu, Kwara State

* No, Nigeria cannot afford another military rule now or ever. The worst civilian government is still better than any military option, where the Constitution will be suspended and the media will be gagged. But the federal government must also ensure good governance for the long-suffering citizens….this is the antidote to any military incursion or intervention of any selfish politicians. Globally, military rule has become anathema and Nigeria cannot be an exception.

Mr. Olumuyiwa Olorunsomo, Lagos State


Yes, Nigeria can afford it: 0

No, Nigeria cannot afford it: 11

Others: 2

Radical tip: Kill coup-plotters!

Total no of respondents: 13

Male: 11

Female: 2

Highest location: Lagos (6)

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