MotionPlus Logistics Moves to Boost Entrepreneurship


Ndubuisi Francis

MotionPlus Logistics Ltd, has introduced innovative ways to revolutionise car hire services in the country in a bid to grow entrepreneurs with sustainable incomes.

MotionPlus Logistics Ltd is an indigenous private cab hire and logistics company, which was incorporated in 2015 to cater for all classes of logistics and cab hire services.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company, Mr. Ayobamidele Mohammed disclosed that it is a technology-driven firm that is swiftly changing the old-fashioned way of people going to the roadside to board taxis, with the attendant risks and delays.

With MotionPlus Logistics now in the mix, he said all that a potential commuter requires is to download the company’s app and log on to the dispatch system to request for a cab to any destination.

“The introduction of our high premium user-friendly Motionplus rider’s app has with just a click, improved the ways customers hail down taxis. With the App, which is available for free on IOS and Android phones, customers can request for a cab from the comfort of their homes, reducing the stress that a busy city like the FCT puts on its citizens,” he said.

According to him, MotionPlus owns no cars but partners drivers and riders.
To become a driver with MotionPlus, he stated that certain conditions must be met as a standard, adding that drivers must meet the minimum age requirement to drive, evidence of permit to drive, disclosure of any previous criminal conviction/current investigation, and disclosure of any chronic health condition.

He stated that they must also be available to receive training on the use of a driver’s application, company policy, company rates, drivers’ etiquette, riders/drivers relation as well as driving signs, skills and routes.

“With emphasis on riders’ safety and comfort while on board our vehicles, Motionplus offers GPS satellite-controlled vehicles, 24 hours security tracking surveillance system, and with a long-term plan to deploy 24 hours CCTV monitor in all vehicles.

“To assure our customers that their safety is of great importance, we ensure that all drivers are professionals who have the requisite years of driving experience. Background checks of all drivers are carried out by appropriate security agencies and they are fully trained by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) to ensure full compliance with road safety rules and regulations.

“As MotionPlus Logistics launches in Abuja with an efficient, convenient and affordable car hire service within and outside the city, we are operating in Ibadan, Lagos and plans to commence in Kaduna and Port Harcourt is being put in motion. Our vision is to pioneer a committed, professional and reliable logistics services for our customers need,” he said.

The COO added that Motionplus caters for a wide spectrum of clients providing services in absolute style and convenience, adding that with affordable rates as low as N400, it offers a wide range of vehicles, free Wi-Fi while on board, discounts on the choicest of rides for airport shuttle, and also ensuring that drivers and partners enjoy great income earning opportunities..

“MotionPlus, with its hardworking and dedicated team is revolutionising car hire services in with the aim of growing entrepreneurs with sustainable incomes.

The MotionPlus driver app has also changed the way its drivers operate, by redefining their schedule while also increasing their income,” he stated.

According to him, the company creates avenues “for you to become your own boss”, adding that those who own a four-door Sedan or SUV (2004 models and beyond could key in to make extra income while retaining their existing jobs.

With the company’s low commission rate, he stated that partners and drivers are well taken care of, stressing that a partner receives 55 per cent on each trip, driver 25 per cent (2 per cent on health insurance policy for himself and his family, 2 per cent on Pension Commission (PenCom) for a great retirement plan and 1per cent on background checks which stops as soon as the fee for the check {(N10, 000) is paid.