SD Joseph Launches Third Album: Unfailing God


Peace Obi

A Christian gospel singer, SD Joseph has added another album to the stack of his albums in the market. The new album titled, ‘Unfailing God’ with a hit track ‘God is too Faithful to Fail’ was launched in Lagos recently. Described as a unique collection of Spirit-inspired numbers by the music minister and his team, has been promised to be a blessing to every ear and heart that listen to the relics.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the Unfailing God, the music minister disclosed that it revolves around some situations he went through and God’s subsequent assurances to him, that he is an Unfailing God, who is too faithful to fail.

According to him, “This title came as a message of hope I received from God sometime ago when I was going through a situation in my life and I heard God told me that “I am unfailing God”. Anytime I sing this song, it gives me hope, it gives me courage and my needs are met. In fact anytime I minister with this song, I see God indeed as an unfailing God as the message becomes real in the lives of listeners through their testimonies,” Joseph said.

Stating that what makes a Christian artiste different from any other musicians to be the ability to hear from God, SD Joseph said that it does not only pave way for a firsthand message from God, but that it helps sustain one’s hope and faith in God especially during challenging times. Assuring listeners of the rich content and divine touch that await them, he said, “For every listener of this music, no matter the circumstances and situations you are going through, God is too faithful to fail. So, whenever you sing this song, heaven will respond to you,” he said.

In her words of exhortation titled, ‘Divine Intervention Through the Weapons of Praise’ Reverend Kate Etteh said that praises is one of the strongest spiritual ammunition that can be used to bring down the forces of the wicked. Warning that praises should not be seen as a spiritual entertainment, a mere melody or even as an object of excitement, the minister said that praises is a covenant practice that leads one into the very heart of God.

According to her, “praise is not for a spiritual entertainment, not just a melody nor is it for excitement; praises is a covenant practice that you need to engage in to enable you get into the very heart of God. It possesses the power that will make you enter into God’s presence and understand the ways of God. Praise is one of the strongest spiritual ammunition that can be use to bring down the forces that are troubling you,”  Etteh said.

Speaking further on the power of praises, the woman of God said, “Yes, you can pray, prayer locks in your enemies but praises pulls the trigger and it brings down the enemy.: Sharing the story of King Jehoshaphat in the Bible, Etteh hinted that praises would always do the unusual in the life of any individual who applies it with faith. “It will help you to win the unusual battle in your life and you are sure to overcome. Once you begin to praise the name of the Lord, the Lord will manifest in that situation. And any battle the Lord takes over, victory is sure,” she assured.

In his remarks, the chairman of the occasion, Reverend Simon Odomokwu said that Christian music was meant to bring people to God. According to him, it is a kind of music that is filled with the power of God. “Christian music makes people come out of sorrow, bitterness, sadness; it creates way for people to get closer to God.” And quoting the book of Prophet Isaiah 12:3, Odomokwu noted that no one that approaches God with praises without encountering the delivering power of God. “My word to you today is to look unto God, the theme of the Album is ‘Unfailing God’ God never fails, whatever, he has promised that he will surely bring it to pass.”

Admonishing Christian musicians to remain focused and committed in the service that God has committed into their hands, advised that they should realise the important place they occupy in the service of the Almighty God. “And for the Christian musicians, I want to remind that you have a place in the agenda of God for man. If you have understanding of this fact, it will enable you present yourself before God and lead the people to God into the presence of God because you are the ones in the front.

“As they are called in the Bible, the “Levites”, they are the ones who are normally at the front of the service and not at the back. And if you want to serve God, it must not be in the ways of the world, let everything you do glorify God and dignify God, so that God himself can be lifted in your service,” Odomokwu admonished.

The event which attracted popular Christian artistes such and Evanglist Chuks Chidube and Praise Channel Band, Bukola Olubona, popularly known with her Oyigiyigi number, Faith Ajiyboye, among others.