Taxiade Pledges to Revolutionise Tax Management


Taxaide Professional Services (Taxaideâ), a tax management firm has become a Nigerian member of Alliance of Independent Tax, Audit, and Legal and Consulting firms (ANTEA); an international organisation of independent firms established with the aim of organising and promoting highly qualified auditing, consulting, tax and legal management services. 

With membership from over 200 cities, ANTEA is highly ranked in the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

Commenting on the membership, the Managing Director of Taxaide, Bidemi Daniel Olumide, said: “We are excited to join an international league of professionals to provide tax management services. As Nigeria continues to attract investments, we want to ensure investors in our country are on the right side of the law with regards to tax compliance.

“We are deploying technology to effectively and efficiently manage tax of our clients and have developed various products in the market; we are inspired by this recognition and will continue to extend the frontiers of technology in tax management in Nigeria and West Africa.”

According to a statement, Taxaide is a tax management company that undertakes outsourced tax management services on behalf of its clients along a broad spectrum of general and specialised tax services. Taxaide is the parent company for TaxTech; a tech startup with a number of products in the Nigerian market.