Avoid Self-Medication During Severe Pain, Expert Tells Nigerians

By Martins Ifijeh
The Medical Director, Sanofi Nigeria-Ghana, Dr. Philip Ikeme, has called on Nigerians not to engage in self-medication if they are experiencing severe or chronic pain as it may be counter productive.
He said the danger in such act could be that the person may feel temporary relief where as more damage is being done to the body or organ involved, as it may require a precise treatment for the pain to subside.
Speaking at the unveiling of IBEX Eco-Pack in Lagos recently, he said however that mild pain, which is not associated with any structural organ, could be treated with almost any basic analgesics. “Also, moderate pain has a bit of reaction and structural involvement, hence could be treated with low-end opiods. But for severe pain, you have no choice than to see a doctor,” he added.
The Head, CHC, Sanofi Nigeria-Ghana, Yaw Agyarko; said it is in tackling pain such as headache, general body pain and menstrual pain that Sanofi Pharmaceuticals introduced the IBEX Eco-Pack, adding that it was specifically designed to target low and middle income earners, as a pack is sold for N50.00 as against the formerly known IBEX 24 which is sold for a higher price.
“We want every Nigerian, irrespective of financial strength to be able to treat themselves when these pains come. We know Nigerians are very agile and hardworking people, and there are situations when one is bound to breakdown. That is why we have this product.”
Noting that it contains ibuprofen, paracetamol and caffeine, he said it was not lower in quality than IBEX 24, but wants those who are unable to afford the previous one to partake in the experience of pain killing that Sanofi provides.
The Chairman of the unveiling ceremony, Prince Joel Odeh, who is also the National President, Nigeria Association of Patent and Proprietors and Medicine Dealers said most members of the Association patronises IBEX for its effectiveness, convenience in swallowing, as well as its affordability.