Runsewe: NCAC to Host Cultural Golf Tournament

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja
The Director General of National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, has indicated the council’s plan to organise the country’s maiden cultural golf tournament in Abuja before the end of the year.
Runsewe, who is the first person to be appointed DG of Nigeria Tourism Development Commission (NTDC) and NCAC, said the tournament would drive cultural values in Nigeria as it will exhibit the country’s cultural approach to the game of golf.
In addition he said the council was also thinking of how to incorporate kiddies’ golf into the mix to enable children to properly understand Nigeria’s culture and ways of life.
“Before the end of this year the first cultural approach to the game of golf will come up in Nigeria.  We are working on it and we hope to incorporate some kid golfers. It is an event related to culture. Basically my vision is that any cultural approach we initiate should result in the creation of jobs for Nigerians,’’ Runsewe said.
The avid amateur golfer similarly echoed the need for Nigeria to join South Africa and Zimbabwe by tapping from the $6 billion fortunes to be realised by Africa in 2019-20 from golf business, saying that the global revenue in sports is massive.
“I want to key Nigeria into that by talking to three major golf brands –Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway-for any of them to come here and change our sporting profile.
“For instance, if Tiger Woods appears to play golf now in any major tournament, the returns will probably be greater than the revenue generated by Manchester United and Chelsea,” he said.