Winners Emerge in NFPAWA Risk Management Essay Competition


Two winners have emerged in the risk management writing contest put together by the National Fire Prevention Awareness and Advocacy (NFPAWA), a life, fire safety and security risk management organisation, for safety experts.

 The novel competition in Nigeria and West Africa is according to NFPAWA, an initiative geared towards developing capacity in security, fire and safety risk management as well as part of programmes line up for the forthcoming risk management conference by the organisation.

 The winners, Martin Agbili and  Jonathan Mariga wrote on  scientific guide and accepted methodology for fire and explosion investigation as well as  accepted standards, benchmarks and mitigative measures for information communications  technology, telecoms and other critical facilities and infrastructure.

 Their win came after thorough and careful screening from industry experts who singled out their works amidst other entries. 

 As part of the prizes for the competition, the two winners will beattending the   certification program for free from May 9-12 at the Oriental Hotels, Lagos. The programme is worth N250,000.

  In addition, winners will be privileged to meet with global experts in the field as they are availed new depths, orientation and insights which will guide them.

 One of the winners, Martin Agbili, an electrical/safety engineer and senior service officer in Anambra State Fire Service, commended the organisation on the initiative as well as the rare opportunity given him to partake in the conference.

“This is a rare privilege given practising and aspiring emergency services professionals, security consultants and risk managers  and I am happy to be part of  this being the  first of its kind in Nigeria and West Africa at large. Thank you NFPAWA for counting me worthy to attend the forthcoming conference,” he said.  The conference themed ‘Sustainable Macro Economic Development: The Safety Perspectives’ will draw attention to operational risks management with focus on health, life and environmental safety while also addressing issues of professionalism across all business sectors and government institutions.  

The four -day event will draw eight leading risks consultants from the USA and South Africa who will network with and share knowledge while educating risk professionals, including architects, construction engineers, emergency response personnel  accident investigators and others, the  modern trends, standards and bench marks to assess, control and mitigate risks both at the home and workplace.