Airtel Touching Lives Provides Lifeline to Family of Seven



Airtel Nigeria has created awareness about ‘Cerebrovascular accident’ commonly known as ‘stroke’ through the latest episode of the ground-breaking CSR initiative dubbed Airtel Touching Lives.

The latest episode has created awareness about stroke ailment in Nigeria.

The tenth episode of the show, which aired last weekend focused on the heart breaking story of a family whose means of survival was abruptly terminated after their benefactor suffered a stroke which rendered him unable to fend for the family.

Emmanuel Ochibo’s travail started on a fateful morning of January, 2011 when he suddenly lost control of the left part of his body while driving on the highway. What started as a seeming minor condition later turned out to be diagnosed as a partial stroke, a condition he battled with for over two years.

Stroke is a condition that occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is temporarily restricted. This could result in paralysis, speech and memory loss and also death.

During the period of his struggle with the ailment, the family of nine with seven children lost all their means of livelihood with Ochibo  resorting to selling his car and house to sustain the family.

Things continued to take a downward turn with the wife resorting to sales of roadside food to make ends meet. The two eldest children who ought to be in school have had to drop out to enable them fend for the family. Attempts by Ochibo to return to paid employment to sustain the family have been frustrated with his employers owing him almost a year’s salary.

The condition which devastated Ochibo’s life and that of his family drew the sympathy of his sister Veronica who nominated him as a beneficiary under the Airtel Touching Lives initiative.

According to Veronica, “My biggest fear for him is the family and the future of the children.”

In support of the family, Airtel has provided the Ochibos with a provision store with supply of goods for a year.

The family expressed their joy and optimism about the lifeline provided by Airtel. “With a source of steady income, the family have a chance to stand back on their feet again,” expressed a relative of the family.

“Where there is life, there is hope; where there is will, there is a way. We hope this will be the beginning of great things for the family. With this gesture, we are hopeful the family will be able to bounce back and the children will have an opportunity to return to school and pursue their education,” Airtel said in a statement.

Airtel Touching Lives, hosted by Wana Udobang, will return to television networks all over the continent on Saturday and Sunday, the telecoms company said.