Group Advocates for Gender Equality


Ugo Aliogo

The newly elected National President of the Soroptimist International of Nigeria (SINA) Mrs. Nneka Chris-Aseloka has restated the commitment of his association to address the issue of gender equality.

He also stated that there was need for women to achieve their full potential and take full control of their lives.
Chris-Aseloka, who made the remarks recently at the Installation/Change of Insignia of the 21st National President of SINA stated that the administration would focus on empowering and sustaining the 14 Soromptist clubs in Nigeria include SI Abuja, SI Apapa, SI Asaba, SI Awka, SI Ikoyi among others.

Chris-Aseloka added: “Enabling women to achieve their full potential and thus empowering them to control their lives and know their rights.

“We strive to make immense contribution by reducing women poverty by providing access to education, adult education centre for women who were not opportune to be educated in their earlier age.

“In our quest to ensure quality education for all and promoting gender equality, we have put in place scholarship schemes for young girls to further their education up to the university level.

“Many girls are denied education thus preventing them from achieving their potential committing them to a life of poverty and all that it entails.

“Getting it right for women is to finding appropriate solutions for the millions of families and individuals, the slave and homeless.”