As NPC Faces the Realities of the Nigerian Society


Chairman of the National Population Commission, Chief Eze Duruiheoma, SAN, said on Thursday that religion and ethnicity will be included in the 2018 national census. This is a commendable attempt to face the realities of the Nigerian society. Nigerians are a people of culture, whose devotion to faith and tradition is unwavering.

The Nigerian people have a natural history of positive segregation and healthy competition. That is why federalism has remained the best political system for the country, and the most prosperous period in the country’s history was when it adhered most to the principles of federalism. Conversely, quasi-federalism – the current political contrivance – has offered the country the worst experience in social, economic, and political progress.

Unfortunately, some Nigerian leaders have tried to hide behind their finger, particularly, in the area of national census. But the more they try to supress the truth and hope to keep all in the dark, the more palpable and poignant the truth emerges.

It is curious how a country that is organised on the basis of federal character and sponsors religious events with public funds would shy away from an official knowledge of its ethnic and religious composition.

Now that the NPC is set to confront the fantastic notions of yesteryear, Nigerians only hope that the federal government would give the commission the necessary legal and financial backing to do a nice job.
– Vincent Obia