YDP to Groom Young Nigerians for Better Future


Godbless Eduviere
As part of its vision to illuminate minds, and supporting new hope, new dream, and new direction to strengthen and deepen democracy in Nigeria, Young Democratic Party, (YDP) Lagos State chapter, recently held its first conference tagged ‘Let there be light’ in Lagos.

YDP chairman, Ambassador Afamefuna Dickson, who introduced the dynamic party slogan as, ‘The Light has come’, stated that the light here is about the illumination of minds with visions and revelations” He explained that YDP is party “on a mission to deliver our already hijacked democracy and enthrone all inclusive and participatory democratic governance, bring a message of hope to the teeming Nigerian populace by introducing fresh political leadership and orientation, looking away from the past but being inspired by an agenda of national rebirth based on an inclusive and participatory process of true democracy with strict adherence to the rule of law.” He stressed that YDP was set up to destroy tribalism, ethnicity and religious differences, God fatherism in politics, favoritism in offices, marginalisation in government presence, but poised to bring equality to all citizenry with due adherence to constitutional recommendations.

“This Party was also set up out of conviction and struggle for a new class of passionate young Nigerians who believe in the possibility of a new Nigeria of our dream where positive innovations and transparent government reigns both in words and deeds. We are set to groom and mentor these passionate young people and bring them into a participatory governance Nigeria because it has always been said that “youths of today are leaders of tomorrow’ but in YDP, we believe that youths should be the leaders of today, taking our destinies in our own hands.

“Our strongest mode of operation in YDP is networking and grassrooting which is our biggest asset. As predominantly young people, we will consistently run our party as a team, as a family and as gang without selfishness and partiality. Though not undermining that politics is not a game of Angels, therefore, we are committed to making our structures very strong. YDP is not affiliated to any other political party in Nigeria because as at present, none is operating with the same ideology and vision as ours. However, we are open to accept any group or party who feel convinced, to come into our party and share in our dreams and vision of a new Nigeria. We are not selfish; our hands are wide open provided you are ready to run with our ideology.

“This present government has done so well as much as the level of their knowledge and vision, to the extent that both Nigerians and the entire world now see the level of decay in our development, economy, security, human right, unemployment, social unrest and infrastructure to mention but a few. I honestly don’t blame them because you cannot give what you don’t have, but since change is the only constant thing we still need to change to light. We know that it is during our failures that we discover our true desire for success as we see in the consciousness of all Nigerians today. Therefore if we want excellence, we must aim at perfection, hence we call on all like-minds in Nigeria to embrace our party, YDP,” Dickson added.