We’re Re-Aligning to Retake Power in 2019, Says PDP

Ahmed Makarfi
  •  Nigerians suffering under the scourging and suffocating mis-governance of the APC

By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Ahmed Makarfi says the opposition party is very much alive and is working assiduously with well-meaning Nigerians to ensure its return to power in 2019, with good governance.

Against the background of reports that alleged that he described PDP as broke and cannot pay rents or meet other financial obligations, Makarfi said that PDP was intact and not in any financial crisis “as was being alleged by detractors.”

Makarfi, in a statement issued yesterday by the PDP Spokesman, Dayo Adeyeye, further said that no amount of distraction would stop it “from defending the people of this country from the maladministration of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Makarfi said: “We want to assure all our members and teeming supporters that the PDP is intact and is rebranding to remain stronger. We are strategising and working with well-meaning Nigerians to return the reign of true democracy and good governance to the people.”

On the report that it is unable to meet its financial obligation to staff at the research and training institute, the Peoples Democratic Institute (PDI) in Abuja, PDP described it as outright falsehood .

“The entire allegation in the publication represents outright falsehood and only exists in the imagination of the writers and their collaborators. The PDP is not broke and does not owe rent on the property being used by the PDI located on Wuse II, Abuja.

“Let us place on record that the PDI’s financial responsibilities are being met accordingly. Just last week, the Caretaker Committee approved monthly imprest for the Institute, and its staff salaries are paid at the same time with that of the PDP staffers.

“For emphasis, all staff of the party and that of the Institute have received their January 2017 salary last week which the secretary of the Staff Welfare Committee confirmed in that publication.

The statement accused the estranged former national chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff of embarking on blackmail and outright falsehood to tarnish the reputation of the party and the National Caretaker Committee.

“We cannot be distracted and again, we advise Sheriff and his cohorts in the ruling party, the APC to let the PDP be. Nigerians are suffering under the scourging and suffocating mis-governance of the APC and our duty as opposition is to hold the government accountable to its promises.”

  • Tunde

    Hhahahahahah! Joker! You just robbed us blind! Oya realign na, we dey wait! Hahahahaha

  • Truth is bitter

    Are you coming back to continue the governance of looting? Or are you coming back to complete the governance of funds dislocation? Nigerians are much wiser now than 16yrs ago. Thieves!

  • Artful ºDodger

    Yes, you can, in the SE! That is the only region where deliberately myopic retards are the majority and who have issues with God for daring to lift someone from another religion to better their lot. It is the only region where people have absolute dementia as everyone of them have deliberately develop dubious short memory because they are still obsessed with wanting to control the oil of the SS. The only region in the country where the PDP and satan are idols even to this day.

    • papred06

      My brother please just remain at Vanguard.

      • Lawrenece Ifo

        So he is boring you here?
        That means that you have conscience.

  • Kickboxer

    Useless PDP. You sat there and ordinary Nigerians are the ones fighting the Islamists govt you handed over to. PDP can’t even frontally confront APC; PDP sat there and APC stole 3 governorship elections from them. HOW IS PDP going to get back in 2019 if they can’t even hold their mandate in the 3 states? Elected PDP senators are defecting, breaking the Constitution, and PDP has no answer to all that.

    REasonable Nigerians will not vote PDP until their members begin to risk their life just as APC did as opposition. IF PDP is waiting for ordinary Nigerians to be confronting APC while they wait to be voted back into power then they must change their voodoo master.

    • papred06

      You’ve spoken my mind. This is the worst opposition party in the whole world!!

  • austin

    You don’t get it yet, Mr. PDP. You don’t just get it.

  • Admonisher

    Joke of the century.

  • Daniel Obior

    Foolish people! Is taking power the most important thing? A complete overhaul of the party to make it more responsive to the citizens of the country should be what is critical at this stage. With the party in the right shape, right message and philosophy and with the right people who would not be in government to plunder the treasury, power will naturally follow, things being equal. PDP should stop this talk about power and concentrate on clearing its mess. It is still in a mess.