Lotgrand Breaks New Ground in Lotto, Pays over N100m Bonus


By Emma Okonji

Lotgrand, one of the operators of national lottery, has introduced  its Grandlotto Yellow Terminal, a machine number game series.
Announcing the groundbreaking winning formula at the unveiling of a player, who won over N10 million as a result of playing the machine number game recently, the Managing Director and Chief Executive, Lotgrand, Niyi Adekunle, said the machine number became a differentiating factor for the brand.
“Lotgrand has redefined the lotto business with the machine number. If a player stakes any machine number series, he will win. Machine number is now a winning number,” he said.

At the presentation of cheque to the winner in the machine number lotto, the Lotgrand Chairman, Razaq Adewale Abdulmalik said the objective of presenting the winner to the public was to show that “winning is true in lotto and that other people with reservations may need to change their thinking.”
According to him, the company was out to create awareness for lotto business and quell the doubt of non-staking public.

 “It is important that lotto players win. A Nigerian would not return to a place where he was cheated. At Yellow Terminal lotto, we get patronage every day, three times a day and we play 21 times in a week. Therefore, Nigerians are winning, and the bonuses are paid immediately,” he said.
According to him,  this would be the first time the winner of a stake in a game of lotto would be publicised via the media.

 “This winner could not have staked more than N20,000. Therefore, if you doubt the realness of the lotto business, change your mind. You need to get involve. It will only get bigger and bigger. You can stake as low as N20 and you would win,” Abdulmalik added.
He said, the company, in 2011  paid over N20 million to a player, while  another N75 million was shared among other players. The bonuses amount to over N100 million.