Breach Repairers Rewards Individuals, Organisations at 7th Anniversary


Close to 20 individuals and organisations were recently awarded at the Breach Repairers’ 7th anniversary dinner and appreciation awards ceremony held in Lagos. The awardees were specifically awarded for having stood solidly behind the vision to raise a generation of Nigerian youths that are purpose driven and socially responsible with integrity while also resolving to bring about a positive change in our society by giving a refreshing and genuine leadership wherever they find themselves.

The Coordinator, Breach Repairer, Pastor Chuks Nduaka spoke of what informed the wards: “When you have a vision that is magnitude and there is no support whatsoever, you can hardly succeed, no matter how passionate you are about the vision or involved you are in it. So for us, particularly at the start of the work, we have been fortunate to have these individuals and organisations supporting us. So for us, it has been a huge blessing and we don’t even know how to say thank you to them. For us, this is to push to stimulate them to do more and much more to let other individuals know that every single effort that you give to us shall be rewarded.”

Speaking further, Nduka said. “These individuals have proved that it is not just enough to say we love the vision but they have put their money where their hearts are, particularly for the organisations Maltina, Etisalat, and Golden Penny that have been regular. “
17 individuals and organisations that had stood out in their contribution to achieving dreams of Breach Repairers were recognised for their support all through the year.

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo who has been part of the journey right from the inception, said, “Breach Repairers has had a great influence on the youths of this generation, adding, “You need to see the annual quiz competition held for the young people. They come in a large number, compete and then go home with lots of prizes.

If you see the youth mentoring programme we have also, where we teach them and even their parents about things that they should know and things they should watch out for, and how to manage and mentor these children, and then aside from that, there have been marriage seminar held by this organisation from which a lot of testimonies have come of marriages that have been repaired and encouraged, so I think that with all sense of modesty, Breach Repairers has done a good job,” Ighodalo noted. He noted further that the award event is significant in a way that it was the first time the organisation was awarding sponsors in its seven years of existence. adding, “I think that seven years is time to look back to look forward.

To look back and thank God and to thank our people for all that they have done to support us in the past and then to look forward and let them know of what we are planning to do in the future and we pray that God will give them the resource and ability to support us even the more.” He described the all the awardees as deserving the honour they were given, adding, “We have not been able to do what we should do but we thank God that they accepted the little token that we gave to them.“

One of the awardees, Pastor Wale Adefarasin, expressed gratitude for the award, adding however that he didn’t think he needed to be awarded, as he has been serving as part of the Family of Breach Repairers.