Toriola Begins T’tennis Training Camp in Nairobi


Nigeria’s table tennis legend, Segun Toriola, has started the much awaited training camp in Nairobi urging Kenyans to invest heavily on junior programmes.

Segun, the most decorated African table tennis player with seven Olympic appearances, is in Nairobi to run an end-of-year clinic to educate Kenyan coaches, national team players and top juniors.

Speaking at Oshwal Sports Centre in Nairobi, Toriola said that development of the junior category was key for any nation aspiring to play table tennis at the highest level.

“Discipline and attitude go hand in hand and should be Kenya’s area of focus when preparing young players for the future; but I believe the sky’s the limit.”

The crack Nigerian who secured his Rio Olympics ticket in Khartoum last February sounded quite enthusiastic of the training camp adding that it will empower Kenyan with the requisite tennis experience.
Since 1995 Toriola has been ranked as the best Nigerian player. He has been amongst the top table tennis players in Africa since the mid-1990s. Ranked Number 1 in Africa from 1998 to June 2008, when Egyptian Eli Saleh Ahmed became the leading African table tennis player.

However, since 2009, Toriola has again become the Number 1 in Africa.
Renowned for his unusual style of forehand play, which makes him an awkward opponent for many, Toriola has an excellent topspin, which has allowed him to pull off many upsets with top world players.