Emplug Set to Reduce Youths Unemployment


Emma Okonji

Emplug, a business social network platform, with target on youth employment and empowerment, has restated its commitment to engage millions of job seekers, through its technology platform.

Unveiling the platform at a media briefing in Lagos on Tuesday, its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Azunna Chukwu, said the platform would eliminate middlemen who extort money from job seekers, without giving them the jobs. The platform is designed in such a way that it would link job seekers directly to employers who actually need their services.

To benefit from the platform, candidates are expected to register to become members of the platform and have access to every information shared on the platform.

Apart from linking job seekers directly to their employer, Emplug also organises technology training and mentorship for members on the platform, and at the end, provide seed capital to fund business ideas from among members of the platform, to make them competitive in business.

According to Chukwu, Emplug would set aside 30 per cent of its revenue to fund technology start-ups that have received training and mentorship from Emplug.

According to him, Emplug would develop a strong and reliable data bank from where information could be sourced by members.

Giving details of the benefit of the platform, Chukwu said members of the platform could access the data to provide information for people who need them. For instance a member of the platform who needed to fix his laptop or to fix some plumbing facilities in his or her home, could send a text message across the platform asking for help and how he or she could get an artisan to handle the job, and any one from among the platform who can offer the service or who has idea of someone that could offer the service will reply within the platform, providing solution.

The platform, he said, was designed to also create eCommerce space among members, where people are connected and share information regularly.

Although the platform serves as a one-stop-shop for funding of technology start-ups within the group, Chukwu said Emplug is open to investors who are ready to invest in the business of developing and empowering the Nigerian youths.

He said the federal government is making moves to partner Emplug in the area of reducing youth unemployment in the country.