Consumers Envisage Apple’s Best at 10th Anniversary 


As the American Smartphone company, ,Apple,  plans a big one for its  iPhone’s 10th year anniversary come  2017,there are high expectations that the phone maker may  be releasing its best ever brand of  IPhone to commemorate a decade presence in the market. 

According to industry watchers, the next Apple flagship which may ended up being branded  iPhone 8   iPhone 7s ,iPhone 10 or even iPhone Air or iPhone Pro would feature  quirky  improvements and ground breaking features which was believed to have been deliberately deferred  for the  next year release .

Observers noted further that the  latest IPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus  come in features that were not unknown with a little upgrade, hence the much anticipation for the 2017 launch which is believed would possess the mobile world. 

For the upcoming Apple model, it has been predicted that the device would combine both design and hardware changes which would qualify it for the most radical product to date.

Some of the much talked about features expected in the 2017 version of the phone  include : an all-glass body device ,  a touch ID button that would live under the glass and respond with haptic feedback.

Other technology followers predicted a wireless charging, which will be the first so far if considered, as well as possible biometric features such as facial recognition or iris scanning, to run the Apple A11 processor and motion co-processor.

IPhone made its debut in 2017 and ever since, has not stopped being the darling of classy consumers. The latest being 1phone 7 and IPhone 7plus made its entry to   the market in September.