Minister Accuses Directors of Incompetence


Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

The Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu has revealed that many civil servants in the directorate cadre at the Federal Ministry of Education are incompetent in the discharge of their responsibilities, especially in the writing and delivery of speeches.

The minister, who was represented by the Director, Human Resource Development, Dr. Mohammed Bello Umar, made this known ‎during the recent leadership and strategic management training for civil servants in the directorate cadre in the ministry of education. He said many directors ‎do not know how to write well-structured reports for the consumption of the management.

“It is very sad that many staff in the directorate level cannot write simple memo. When some of them attend events, they cannot write reports for the management. But with this new administration, a lot of attention will be paid to training. In 2017, we will have series of trainings.

“It is instructive to note that prompt and efficient service delivery is the hallmark of a reputable and people- oriented organisation. The provision of good quality service delivery particularly in the educational settings and particularly Federal Ministry of Education depends on the quality and experience of its deputy and assistant directors.‎”

In the training with the theme ‘Leadership and Strategic Management in the Era of Education for Change’, Adamu‎ said the success of any education system is principally hinged on proper planning framework, efficient administration, capacity building for education managers and adequate funding as the effectiveness and efficiency of education leaders contribute significantly to the quality of education.

‎The convener of the programme and Director-General of the Nigeria Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), Prof. Lilian Salami, said the skills gained at the end of the programme must be timely and appropriate because these will be hinged on creating unrest and encouraging proactiveness in the minds of participants.

“We must begin to look outside the box and dare into new horizons if we are to be relevant to the current wind of change. A ministerial strategic plan for 2016-2019 can only be realisable if rhetoric reasoning is replaced with critical thinking, pride actions and creating an environment in line with global yearnings and best practices.

“If we must get out of the current pitiful state of education in the country, which we truly cannot attempt to successfully rationalise and make it belong to the museum of history, strengthening the capacity of education administrators and leaders must scale up to take a centre piece

“Such capacity building training cannot be overemphasised since this tends to empower, update and create a driven desire to learn skills beyond theories learnt and experience gained through work but translate the latter to uncommon functionality in the passion to make change. Let us constantly remind ourselves of our roles to pursue the change agenda.‎”