The travail of Lagos big boy Wale Saubana


To many that are conversant with Lagos society, the name of Wale Saubana would surely ring a bell. He was one of the top socialites in Lagos, London and the US. It is on record that no major shindig by Nigerians was complete without his presence.  He was the toast of music stars, especially Fuji music stars, K1 the Ultimate had on several occasions sung his praise. This, according to those close to him, was as a result of his generousity.  And as a car freak, his garage is filled with latest state-of-the-art cars. But, but for some time now, the dude has disappeared from the social radar. And different stories have been woven around his disappearance. Today, Spyglass gathered that the man has fallen into hard times.

Sources revealed that Saubana is really broke and has been dealing with some personal woes. His travails, according to the source, started when he was disgraced out of the rented property he stayed somewhere around Ogba in Lagos.

It was gathered that when the property owner, a female senior staff of the British Airways, could no longer bear with Saubana’s indebtedness, she took him to court.

The controversial businessman was said to have pleaded with the landlady at the Arbitration Court, promising that all the bills would be paid. However, with his failure to meet up with his promise, the socialite secretly packed out of the house without the knowledge of the woman, leaving all the bills unsettled.