Professionals Harp on ICT for Business Sustainability, Profitability


Crusoe Osagie

With Information Communication and Technology (ICT) playing a vital role ‎in driving profit margins and efficiency of business organisations, professionals have emphasised the need for young and existing businesses to deploy the use of ICT to be competitive and attractive or choose to be muscled out of business.

Indeed, the Professional Practice Group (PPG) of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), believes that ICT is rapidly becoming a global ‎business where businesses across the world all have a technology side to their businesses, saying Nigeria must not afford to lag behind in this global trend.

The Chairman, PPG, Mr. David Bawa, ‎during the group’s collaboration with an online solution provider, Hord Incorporated to launch an online business clinic, “Ask an Expert”, said one of its key objectives was to ensure that the group reaches out to young professionals while also ensuring that entrepreneurship is boosted in a professional way.

“We also expressed hope that the present administration will be able to create an enabling environment to foster growth of entrepreneurs. We are trying to align with some of the contemporary challenges we have in the country and we believe ‎creating entrepreneurs and promoting young professionals is a way of taking people out of unemployment,” he said.

In his words, “To achieve this, we believe some cost effective ways is to deploy the use of ICT. We have decided to partner with an online solution provider, the Hord Inc and we believe that the professional practice group is a 100 per cent consulting base where we have professionals cutting through all segment. This partnership with the Hord will give us the opportunity to harness our potentials reaching out to the public.”

He added that technology is revolutionary, stating the need to key into the opportunities it offers,!stressing that the group is signing up with this solution providers and will keep tweaking till it gets the best value for consulting online
“We believe that the basic tools to bring in the young and old professionals is to continue to create awareness, because ICT is becoming a global business. Everybody has a technology side to businesses and if you take a look at our gathering today, 80 per cent of our membership are new where more than 50 per cent of this membership are young professionals. Most of the users of Internet services are actually the ‎young demographies,” Bawa noted.

He said the greatest challenge faced by professionals in the country is based on the economic prosperity of a nation, pointing out that if the economy is not prospering, the demand and supply chain for professional services gets broken.

“There will be little demand for few providers for services. Today, technology has made education almost second placed where Nigeria is gradually transiting from an education based country to a skills based economy,” he added.

‎Also speaking at the event, the Managing Director, the Hord Incorporated, Mr. Felix Dung, said the online platform provides opportunities for people to get professional services in the most convenient way as possible, saying the partnership is a one-stop solution provider deploying the use of technological tools that enables delivery of professional services.

He said the online solution provider provides a direct share expertise with mobile audience to impact lives, has the ability to deliver professional services to diverse demography of potential clients, national and international and a far reaching publicity of services offered on a national and international scale.