Mira Technologies Boosts Productivity in Healthcare


Emma Okonji

Mira Technologies Limited, an indigenous software developer, has raised productivity in the health sector with Mira HPro, a Hospital Management Software solution.
This is just as electronic health management has been seen as one of the efficient ways that health workers could deliver services effectively leveraging on Information Technology (IT) tools, known as e-Health.

Created and developed for hospitals and health management facilities. Mira HPro is an enterprise Hospital Management Software with all the required features to run a hospital. The preferred choice for doctors, Hospices, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes.

The software enables users to access and interact with critical components of the database and do such as Tasks without leaving their immediate environment. For example, a doctor or health personnel can access a patient’s information remotely and instruct the healthcare worker on the best treatment, thus enabling seamless patient- doctor efficiency.

Mira Technologies plans to further integrate Mira HPro in Nigerian Hospitals and Hospices with key after sales and support services.

Speaking to newsmen about the technology solution, the Managing Director of Mira Technologies, Mr. Ifeanyi Ifeabunike, said:”We are very excited that health service delivery will be easier in Nigeria. With this software, there is no need to worry about support services because the software is a web application, and we can provide support from anywhere.”

Excited about the prospects, Ifeabunike further said: “The need to patronise Nigeria made products encouraged us to look at how to solve health care service delivery using a robust IT product. The foreign exchange that will be used to buy foreign software can be saved for other things, our software is comparable to any foreign software.”

Some indigenous software development firms have since endorsed the technology solution and commended Mira Technologies for the initiative. The Managing Director of MayaKorp Limited, Martin Ndigwe, said: “This software has demonstrated that we have Nigerian software developers that can stand head to head with their global counterparts. With zero downtime deployment, we are happy to be associated with this solution.”

“Mira Hpro, offers fast and accurate transactions processing and management reports that give an instant feel of how the hospital is doing.

Issues such as outstanding balances, pending invoices, receivables and payables are all addressed with the application. The solution provides a robust modules and interfaces that ensures that operational and clinical decision-making processes are fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easily accessible multiple reports, doctors and medical support staff get facilitated. With Mira HPro, patient information is secure from unauthorised access,” Ifeabunike said.